Gýrol® Fluid Drives

Howden Gỳrol® Fluid drives are used to control speed and to absorb shock and torsional vibration and we can offer a wide range of designs that enable our customers to operate rotating equipment with a “soft start” option and at variable speeds with minimal capital cost requirements.

Detailed specifications

Class 6    8 Single RA sizes     200-40,000 HP      Up to 3,600 RPM
Class 5    7 sizes                      500-1,400HP         Up to 1,800 RPM
Class 4    7 sizes                      100 - 3,500HP       Up to 1,800 RPM
Class 2    8 sizes                       2 - 2,250 HP         Up to 1,800 RPM

Key Features

  • ​AKA hydraulic coupling or hydrodynamic drive.
  • ​Power transmitter.
  • ​Variable speed drive.
  • ​Provides a soft start.
  • ​Has no mechanical contact between driver and load.
  • ​Filter Packages.
  • ​Temperature Switches and Gauges.
  • ​Pressure Switches and Gauges.
  • ​Heaters.
  • ​Couplings and Guards.
  • ​Tachometers.
  • ​Sole Plates.
  • ​Pump Bases.
  • ​Vibration Monitoring Equipment.


  • ​​​Efficient up to 98% of input speed.
  • ​Reliable.
  • ​Rugged for operation in dirty environments and outdoors.
  • ​Provides infinitely variable speedy control.
  • ​Transmits power smoothly and without shock.
  • ​Available for variable or constant torque applications.
  • ​Turndown ratios 5:1 for variable torque.
  • ​Turndown ratios 4:1 for constant torque.
  • ​Provides no-load setting.


  • Variable and Constant torque applications.
  • Pumps Fans & Blowers.
  • Compressors.
  • Process Equipment.
  • Extruders.
  • Mixers.
  • Crushers.
  • Mills.
  • Conveyors.

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