ExVelTM Turbo Fans

Advanced fan technology which can generate high pressures at a wide volume flow range for process air, gas, and vapor applications

Unique and industry leading impeller and bearing solutions allow our turbo fans to develop the highest differential pressures available in the fan industry. ExVel turbo fans handle volumes up to 200 m3/sec (400k cfm), and in a single stage can develop up to 2.0 compression ratio based on standard air, and up to 1.6 based on saturated steam at 100 deg.C. In multi-stage arrangements the compression ratio can be several times higher.  
Our turbo fans can be fabricated from a variety of materials and packaged to meet the needs of any industry and application, and can be designed for difficult process and installation environments.
With thousands of units delivered to date and over 40 years of installation experience in numerous applications, you can trust ExVel turbo fans for your critical and challenging process air, gas, and vapor movement and compression needs.


Key Features

  • Up to 2.0 compression ratio single stage (standard air density basis).
  • From full vacuum to 20 bar (290psi) design pressures.
  • Gas tight casing design standard.
  • Materials of construction options to meet challenging process gases & environments.
  • Wide turn-down capabilities with several control options.
  • Options to meet industry standards such as, API, PIP, PED, ATEX and more.


ExVel turbo fans can be applied in applications requiring high pressures, high temperatures, and/or aggressive or hazardous process gases.
One ExVel turbo fan can take the place of multiple other fans or blowers which are limited in flow or pressure rise capability saving substantial space, energy, and maintenance costs over the life of the equipment.
The standard design is gas tight and exceptionally robust.


Any air or gas application which falls within the ExVel turbo fan performance range:

  • Air:  aeration, main air, quenching/cooling, and more
  • Process Gas
  • Vapor Compression
  • Energy Recovery
  • …and many more


  • Chemical & Petrochemical
  • Dairy
  • Distillation & Desalination
  • Electric Utility
  • Food & Beverage
  • Glass
  • Metals & Minerals
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Water Treatment
  • …and many more

ExVelTM Products

ExVel for Process air

Process Air & Gas

ExVel turbo fans will be designed for the unique process aerodynamic, mechanical, chemistry, and installation requirements of each application to provide the optimum solution for the fan / blower / compressor required for the project.

ExVel Composite

ExVel Composite

ExVel Composite is revolutionizing the meaning of safety, reliability, and performance for producers of glass, insulation, and other applications which require regularly changing air flows or pressures during production.

ExVel for MVR


With the most robust and reliable turbo fan technology available for MVR, and extensive installations and experience in numerous industries, ExVel turbo Fans are the go-to MVR vapor compressor solution.

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Versatile custom designed units for process-critical applications


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