Refinery Refinery<div class="ExternalClass443063264CC146258769E3825232F471"><p>Howden equipment operates safely across a wide range of applications within the refining industry.  Howden supply various compressor and fan technologies, ranging from site utilities to the large critical process applications and from bare shaft to fully packaged equipment.</p><p>Typical compressor roles are make up, recycle, hydrogen feed (HGU, HDT, HDS), gas recovery and process reactors blanketing. Howden compression solutions integrate site infrastructure utilities such as nitrogen and air networks,  instrument air, waste water treatment, flare gas recovery (FGRU),  air for gas incineration, fuel gas turbine feed and inlet air cooling for power generation.</p><p>Howden fans extract residual gases from process capacities, ensure building ventilation and aeration, combustion air and room pressurization. Our fans are selected to ensure reliable ventilation in crisis situations. <br></p></div><div class="ExternalClassA715CE03B8A1484189AFED97BC38DBE1"><p>​Where crude oil is processed and refined, Howden supply safe and reliable equipment</p></div><div class="ExternalClass70768DF1921745D4820F51E4DEE8654B"><div class="container-fluid benefits-panel bg-Hgray" style="padding-top:0px;padding-bottom:0px;"><div class="container"><div class="row"><div class="col-md-4"> <img class="icon" src="/assets/portal/Process/icons/icon-custom-services.svg" alt="" /> <h3 class="white">Comprehensive, Customized Services</h3><p class="white small-text">Howden owns a set of fluid handling technologies covering ventilation, compression and heat transfer. Howden brought solutions to many specific challenge met in refinery sites and processes.</p> </div><div class="col-md-4"> <img class="icon" src="/assets/portal/Process/icons/icon-bespoke-packages.svg" alt="" /> <h3 class="white">Bespoke Packages</h3><p class="white small-text">Every site project has different specific needs and operating conditions. Our ability to deliver custom-design solutions that meet API codes is extremely valuable. Whether supplied as a stand-alone unit or a complete package, our equipment is designed to match the rigors of its environment as well as its specific task, and is engineered to offer continuous uninterrupted operations. </p></div><div class="col-md-4"> <img class="icon" src="/assets/portal/Process/icons/icon-inhouse.svg" alt="" /> <h3 class="white">In-House Expertise</h3><p class="white small-text">Howden engineering teams and field engineers have access to our 160 years of knowledge, meaning we can offer our expertise at every step of the process from product selection to ongoing support. Our worldwide organisation provides local responsive support to end users and customers.</p></div></div></div></div></div>Oil and Gas Downstream RefineryGP0|#36d48140-d633-4cef-af94-9cbe69bcf9d6;L0|#036d48140-d633-4cef-af94-9cbe69bcf9d6|oil-and-gas-downstream-refinery;GTSet|#dc038bf8-3f43-4229-a321-3cc6d7b21f0a;GPP|#9239921b-23ea-4930-9a10-656132a77cbd



Isomerisation<div class="ExternalClassA46BBC24083D4DD1B8B3ADD9E5FEAC80">H2, H2 Rich Make up and Recycle compressors.</div>Reciprocating Compressor
Alkylation<div class="ExternalClassD9ACDCC8C7024507BD79527E772B5C72">Reactor H2 feed compressor.</div>Reciprocating Compressor
H2/HGU Hydrogen Generation Unit Hydrogen Generation Unit<div class="ExternalClass5EE7C1FF91E741E18B02A2BEF221970D">Feed gas into the plant and then feed the produced hydrogen to other process units. API & ATEX, dry gas compression solutions.</div>Reciprocating Compressor
H2 /SMR Steam Methane Reformer /SMR Steam Methane Reformer<div class="ExternalClass381FD67C42614AB7A47CFB1851DF72D6">Force Draught and Induced Draught fans.</div>Centrifugal Fans
H2/TGTU Tail gas treatment unit Tail gas treatment unit<div class="ExternalClass913A3A2AD06A4B9AAE11ECC86D11EB89">Within a PSA hydrogen recovery plant igas is compressed and fed into vessels with adsorbent materials which selectively adsorbs impurities. Pure hydrogen exits the top of the adsorber. There are multiple vessels either active or being regenerated to ensure continuous recovery. Tail gas (low pressure gas with impurities) is processed through a compressor typically to the fuel gas system.</div>Reciprocating Compressor, Oil Injected Screw Compressor, Oil Free Screw Compressor
HDT Hydro Treament Uni, HDS Hydro Desulfurisation Units Hydro Treament Uni, HDS Hydro Desulfurisation Units<div class="ExternalClass74C25B12748A47EE8E1F375CA427A325">Feedstock containing sulfur is fed to reactors where hydrogen and catalyst break out impurities. The reactor effluent is cooled and separated with the hydrogen rich gas treated with amine to remove hydrogen sulfide before being compressed and recycled to the process. Additional hydrogen is added to the cycle via a make-up compressor. A further compressor processes the gas vented from the stripper section.</div>Reciprocating Compressor, Centrifugal compressor, Screw Oil Injected Compressor, Screw Oil Free Compressor
Acid gas plant SRU Sulfur Recovery Unit furnace gas plant SRU Sulfur Recovery Unit furnace<div class="ExternalClass5ABC1B3BBB8F417AA4BF832C65B90E59">Equipments boost supply air into the combustion furnace within the thermal stage of a Claus process. Howden supplies SRU blower packaged solutions with a protection level matching site area classification.</div>Centrifugal Fan, Single stage blowers
Naphta and Distillate treatments. Desuphurisation. Main air blower and Distillate treatments. Desuphurisation. Main air blower<div class="ExternalClass3D8B717202AF4E55BB56D99BC8258BD2"><p>The blower provides combustion air into the furnace to generate heat, against a typical back pressure of 0.8 Bar.</p></div>Single stage blowers
CDU Crude Distillation Unit - offgas (vent gas, tail gas, overhead) Crude Distillation Unit - offgas (vent gas, tail gas, overhead)<div class="ExternalClassF3DE8DB0DCBA4A3595784CC84D28596C">The crude feedstock goes through a process of pre-heating, desalting and dehydrating, then heating and flashing the crude in the distillation column/ tower. The gas from off the top of the tower passes through a reflux drum to separate out any water and the gas is then compressed for transfer to the acid gas removal unit for sulfur treatment. Compress process gas from the distillation tower overhead. Howden deliver compressors packages with API & ATEX design & construction.</div>Oil Injected Screw Compressor, Oil Free Screw Compressors
Dewaxing. H2 Make up and recycle compressors H2 Make up and recycle compressors<div class="ExternalClass6EF0C5AC13FB46AD8E006FC9B8AE9E1A"><p>Dewaxing is a process used in the production of lube oil and carried out using a solvent based or catalytic method.  Catalytic dewaxing involves cracking of n-paraffins and compressed hydrogen is used to prevent coking. Howden deliver compressors packages with API & ATEX design & construction.</p></div>Reciprocating Compressor
Dewaxing refrigeration system compressor refrigeration system compressor<div class="ExternalClass7923D39D9CA743DE9C0654D02066FCBC"><p>Dewaxing is a process used in the production of lube oil and carried out using a solvent based or catalytic method.  Solvent dewaxing involves the refrigeration of lube stock and solvent as it passes through tubes that have a rotating scraper. A mechanical refrigeration system will require compressors. Compressors are used to process the refrigerant(Propane/ Propylene) or in a catalytic system to recycle hydrogen.</p></div>Oil Free Screw Compressor, Oil Injected Screw Compressor
CR Catalytic Reforming CCR Continuous Catalytic Reforming units. Regeneration and Net gas compressor Catalytic Reforming CCR Continuous Catalytic Reforming units. Regeneration and Net gas compressor<div class="ExternalClassF93F6D8F03C24409BC48528F6187BAEB"><p>Reactor catalysts deteriorate over time and are regenerated by use of circulating gas via a regeneration gas compressor (also termed recycle).   Hydrogen is a by-product of the reforming process and is compressed after the separator for recovery by a net/rich gas compressor.</p></div>Oil Free Screw Compressor, Oil Injected Screw Compressor, Reciprocating Compressor
Site utilities. Air regeneration unit utilities. Air regeneration unit<div class="ExternalClass832D8493445746A6A907D17CB514FCC2"><p>Air blowers.</p></div>Single stage blowers
Delayed Coker – wet gas Coker – wet gas<div class="ExternalClassD85537BE5F4F45439625BC73A9571ECF"><p>Overhead vapors from the drums flow to a fractionator (combination tower) which separates out gases, gasoline, diesel, heavy coker gas oil and recycles them.  Pressure is controlled by a wet gas compressor processing the overhead gases from the tower.</p></div>Oil Free Screw Compressor
FCC Fluid Catalytic Cracking - wet gas Fluid Catalytic Cracking - wet gas<div class="ExternalClass976CD2BD180D43049E894B4F7335604C"><p>CC Fluid Catalytic Cracking for Heavy and residue treatments.  Vapours or wet gases from the reactor main column overhead are passed to the vapor recovery unit within the FCC where they are compressed by the Wet Gas Compressor (WGC) before being transferred to the high-pressure condenser/ receiver within the refinery gas concentration unit/ plant. </p></div>Oil Free Screw Compressor
Heavy and residue treatments. Visbreaking and residue treatments. Visbreaking<div class="ExternalClassFC819418DEE94EF69E260BD1790C889E"><p>Howden supplies reciprocating compressors packages with API & ATEX design & construction</p></div>Reciprocating Compressor
VDU – vacuum/ overhead gas compressor – vacuum/ overhead gas compressor<div class="ExternalClass57AFF8A378CB4171BB91B3656043EC30"><p>VDU Vacuum Distillation Unit. Residues from the CDU are heated in a vacuum furnace and then flashed in a VDU column with products being drawn from the column at the top, side and bottom for further processing.  The gas (overhead vapors) existing the tower at the top passes to a vacuum system.  The vacuum system has an overhead accumulator which separates liquid and vapors.  The vapors may be compressed by a compressor or booster blowers. </p></div>Oil Free Screw Compressor
Site utilities/N2 service utilities/N2 service<div class="ExternalClass509BB4B8DAF54FC78E0E2CB8DD0D3FB0"><p>Delivery of pressurised nitrogen for site process needs. Dry compression ensure gas purity preservation. Howden supplies compressor packages with design &  construction matching  area protection levels specified by the site.</p></div>Reciprocating Compressor, Vertical Reciprocating, Diaphragm Compressor
Site utilities/Ventilation & Aeration utilities/Ventilation & Aeration<div class="ExternalClass5BDC1302B2EE4CB6AE8541D5F8119192"><p>At emergency evacuation points, axial and centrifugal provide reliable ventilation in crisis situations.</p></div>Centrifugal fans, Axial fans
Site utilities/Air instrument compressors utilities/Air instrument compressors<div class="ExternalClassA1F081F51E4F48C9B874F7A9CDC74FD7"><p>Delivery of pressurised air for site process needs. Dry compression ensure gas purity preservation. Howden supplies compressor packages with  construction matching area protection level specified by the site.</p></div>Reciprocating Compressor, Vertical Reciprocating, Diaphragm Compressor
Site utilities/Electricity-Fuel gas utilities/Electricity-Fuel gas<div class="ExternalClass09146F113DD344E9A785265707BEE9FF"><p>Onsite power is often generated using gas turbines.  Modern turbines have increasing high pressure feed gas requirements designed to optimize power output.  As available gas pressure is commonly lower than required it is boosted through a compressor prior to the turbine combustion chamber.</p></div>Oil Injected Screw Compressor, Oil Free Screw Compressor, Reciprocating Compressor
Site utilities/WWTP Waste water treatment utilities/WWTP Waste water treatment<div class="ExternalClassD341F7189D0142B7B0088621E115996E"><p>Treating contaminants such are petroleum hydrocarbons, ammonia, and organic sulfur. For mechanical system or diffused aeration system, air supply is needed into the diffuser. Howden supplies air blowers for the application.</p></div>Single stage blowers
Site utilities/Cooling towers utilities/Cooling towers<div class="ExternalClassBACFC2F90573486D945AB86DDB302C57">Cooling fans for mechanical draught cooling towers.</div>Cooling fans
Site utilities/Air-cooled heat exchangers utilities/Air-cooled heat exchangers<div class="ExternalClass27207A685EAA49099484C954A8453702">Fans for air-cooled heat exchangers.</div>Cooling fans
Site utilities/Air-cooled condensers utilities/Air-cooled condensers<div class="ExternalClass1D48EF1A6DA04E829C49EA1D3CB43813">Fans for air-cooled condensers.</div>Cooling fans
Site utilities/Ventilation & Aeration utilities/Ventilation & Aeration<div class="ExternalClassB2D4F5360D724327A48F0FFBD930632F"><p>At emergency evacuation points, axial and centrifugal provide reliable ventilation in crisis situations. Living quarters overpressure to protect rooms and staircases from hazardous fumes.</p></div>Centrifugal fans, Axial fans
Process Support/Flare gas recovery Support/Flare gas recovery<div class="ExternalClass133D5B287E6D4D8BB561675E1D732D92"><p>Various units within the refinery system will emit vapors which will be routed to the blowdown system/ Fuel Gas Recovery Unit.  The gas is separated out from any remaining hydrocarbons and is compressed to the fuel gas system. </p></div>Oil Free Screw Compressor, Reciprocating Compressor
Process Support/Extractions from capacities and reactors Support/Extractions from capacities and reactors<div class="ExternalClass4A0F27500EE1427EB1102D34A3738CD8">Furnace and fired heater fans. Residual gas exhaust. Explosive gas exhaust (ATEX fans). Maintain safe environment free from the risk of explosive and hazardous gases. Safety-critical airlocks throughout the plant (Ability to quickly change large volumes of air).</div>Centrifugal Fans
Process Support/H2 recovery Support/H2 recovery<div class="ExternalClass5E97C25724894A21A021465E67F192CA"><p>Howden supplies compressor packages with  construction matching area protection level specified by the site.</p></div>Reciprocating Compressor
Process Support/Tank VRU Vapor recovery Support/Tank VRU Vapor recovery<div class="ExternalClass7FF60D0267F84ACA9BCDECA29BF98175"><p>During storage, light hydrocarbons dissolved in the crude oil or condensate vaporize.  Compression systems are used to recover the vented gas and reduce venting to atmosphere or flaring. </p></div>Oil Injected Screw Compressor, Oil Free Screw Compressor
Process Support/Fired Heater furnace. FID Furnace Support/Fired Heater furnace. FID Furnace<div class="ExternalClass90C099BEFF2A4718B41F949E371C4DE9">Fans for fired heater furnace. FID Furnace.</div>Centrifugal Fans
Process Support/Incineration Support/Incineration<div class="ExternalClass76229438D147438884E8BA85D880C88F"><p>General furnace applications for combustion of waste gas.</p></div>Roots Lobe Blowers
Process Support/H2 Support/H2<div class="ExternalClass2B8C6D7C57E44F6E8DE3758BC6516316"><p>Process H2 compressors.</p></div>Single Shaft Multistage Vertically Split

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