Petrochemical processes processes<div class="ExternalClass38BA2742B7EA48A8B4D6DB31E27C6774"><p>Compressors serve processes such as LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, PTA, VCM. Typical roles are make up, recycle, Hydrogen feed, gas recovery, blanketing, utilities, conveyors, instrument and combustion air. Howden fans extract residual gases from process capacities, ensure building ventilation and aeration and room pressurization. Howden fans are  consistently selected to ensure reliable ventilation in crisis situations.  </p></div><div class="ExternalClass77EBE12FD6D74CC7A88295D3C0ABABCF"><p>Meeting exact specifications and the API code in the petrochemical industry.</p></div><div class="ExternalClassDD31CC3CDD324213BA89252CCEBC3AD9"><div class="container-fluid benefits-panel bg-Hgray" style="padding-top:0px;padding-bottom:0px;"><div class="container"><div class="row"><div class="col-md-4"> <img class="icon" src="/assets/portal/Process/icons/icon-custom-services.svg" alt="" /> <h3 class="white">Comprehensive, Customized Services</h3><p class="white small-text">Important differences across projects, such as gas composition, process license and site requirements, make our ability to deliver custom-design solutions valuable.</p></div><div class="col-md-4"> <img class="icon" src="/assets/portal/Process/icons/icon-bespoke-packages.svg" alt="" /> <h3 class="white">Bespoke Packages</h3><p class="white small-text">Our equipment delivers long-term heavy duty use. Howden‘s custom approach, based on a thorough analysis of all the factors involved provides a proven route to the right equipment for each unique set of circumstances. </p></div><div class="col-md-4"> <img class="icon" src="/assets/portal/Process/icons/icon-inhouse.svg" alt="" /> <h3 class="white">In-House Expertise</h3><p class="white small-text">Howden engineering teams and field engineers have access to our 160 years of knowledge, meaning we can offer our expertise at every step of the process from product selection to ongoing support. Our worldwide organisation provides local responsive support to end users and customers.</p> </div> </div></div></div></div>Oil and Gas Downstream PetrochemicalGP0|#d390429a-e7d3-4f31-8e5b-bf12aa85a1f5;L0|#0d390429a-e7d3-4f31-8e5b-bf12aa85a1f5|oil-and-gas-downstream-petrochemical;GTSet|#dc038bf8-3f43-4229-a321-3cc6d7b21f0a;GPP|#9239921b-23ea-4930-9a10-656132a77cbd



VCM Vynil Cholryde Monomer EDC Ethylene Dichloride Cracking Vynil Cholryde Monomer EDC Ethylene Dichloride Cracking<div class="ExternalClassE84F663AE0FC463FB7C6AF7686E43CE2">In the VCM distillation section, the HCI gas is separated and fed through a recycle compressor to the oxy-chlorination unit to be converted into EDC.</div>Reciprocating Compressor, Peripheral
VCM EDC. Strip gas or Flare gas (Transfer or recycle) EDC. Strip gas or Flare gas (Transfer or recycle)<div class="ExternalClass009B6D8C9AFD4BD186E3A66F33642EAD">Compressors recover off gas streams that are to be flared. Howden supplies compressor packages API & ATEX, having designs compatible with corrosive gases.</div>Reciprocating Compressor, Diaphragm Compressor, Screw compressors
PVC. VCM Recovery VCM Recovery<div class="ExternalClass0179A113DEBF4AA6AEA43C6DCA9AC3EA"><p>Un-reacted VCM  from the polymerization reactor is pumped from the reactor and passed through a compressor prior to a condenser used to recover VCM</p></div>Oil Free Screw Compressor
BDO Process Process<div class="ExternalClass69A8E03CFFDA4ADEBFF47A6D15EF75A7"><p>H2 gas compressor</p></div>Diaphragm Compressor
PP Polypropylene processes. Recycle Polypropylene processes. Recycle<div class="ExternalClass7CC0775461614C12BD8569CE5DA39EBA"><p>Recycle compressor packages API & ATEX for the application.</p></div>Single stage blowers
PP Polypropylene processes. Pneumatic Conveying and pelletization Polypropylene processes. Pneumatic Conveying and pelletization<div class="ExternalClassF79615D3643A4963BCA5F0FA8D079B51"><p>Move bulk materials that are suspended in an air stream that is introduced by a positive pressure blower PD blowers in additive addition and pelletizing.</p></div>Single stage blowers, Roots Lobe Blower
PP Polypropylene processes. PRU Propylene Recovery Unit. Vent gas compressor Polypropylene processes. PRU Propylene Recovery Unit. Vent gas compressor<div class="ExternalClass7EFA490662AD48FB94E41DBE57184206">Within the resin degassing section hydrocarbons are removed in a stripper (purge bin). Vent gas from this process can be recovered via a compressor.</div>Oil Injected Screw Compressor
PP Polypropylene processes. 1st reactor Polypropylene processes. 1st reactor<div class="ExternalClass49736B3B96E94E579CFBA97F5262EB4E"><p>H2 recycle compressors.</p></div>Reciprocating Compressor, Peripheral
PP Polypropylene processes. 2nd reactor Polypropylene processes. 2nd reactor<div class="ExternalClassD6949F46FC664F9E88E7A76745BFD15E">H2 recycle compressors.</div>Reciprocating Compressor, Peripheral
Phenol. Recycle compressor Recycle compressor<div class="ExternalClass33347D2DCA2441CDA3EFA463A82DE03A"><p>Unreacted gas recycling compressor.</p></div>Diaphragm Compressor
Phenol/ Oxidation air Oxidation air<div class="ExternalClass916A9BA173C24D6080FAC302B1C3BC33"><p>Phenol production via cumene  involves oxidising cumene with air to form hydroperoxide which in then mixed with sulphuric acid to produce phenol. Blowers provide the oxidition air.</p></div>Centrifugal Blower
AN Acrylonitrile/Off gas Acrylonitrile/Off gas<div class="ExternalClass9259274C07A54980A06C15E55649785C"><p>Within the acrylonitrile production process off gas from the absorbers can be recovered via a compressor.</p></div>Oil Free Screw Compressor
AN Acrylonitrile/HCN cooling Acrylonitrile/HCN cooling<div class="ExternalClass5689263121534B0EA2C72521CBDE4E13"><p>HCN (hydrogen cyanide) is a by-product of acrylonitrile production and is passed through a condensing system which requires refrigeration and refrigerant compressors.</p></div>Oil Injected Screw Compressor
PO Propylene oxide/Vacuum gas Propylene oxide/Vacuum gas<div class="ExternalClass619B7AA437184884AB0BFAF1E8497B8D"><p>PO purification systems can incorporate a vacuum stripper using compressors.</p></div>Oil Free Screw Compressor
Butadiene Reactor feed and overhead gas recycle Reactor feed and overhead gas recycle<div class="ExternalClassC0DF9D292C344A0183E64D3C4B25BAB0"><p>Cracked C4 streams are quenched and compressed prior to scrubbing, dehydration and distillation.  Degassing within the distillation section can also include compression of overheads for recycling.</p></div>Oil Free Screw Compressor
Isobutylene production production<div class="ExternalClass04F42652801848A58A0C90D619CC1267"><p>Process H2 compressor</p></div>Single Shaft Multistage Horizontally Split
Butadiene. Butadiene Off loading C4H6 Butadiene Off loading C4H6<div class="ExternalClassF19FDF23CF154F7588BDC84430EAA54D"><p>Liquid product transfer to rail or truck mounted tanks. Compressed gas push liquids</p></div>Reciprocating Compressor
PS Polystyrene Polystyrene<div class="ExternalClassFEB2AA33BC5F42CD8381DECD7CA7EFEF"><p>N2+Co Compressor.</p></div>Reciprocating Compressor, Vertical Reciprocating
PTA. H2 Booster H2 Booster<div class="ExternalClass7DC563A4668A4FFE901E7883D37D6882"><p>Compressors deliver high pressure hydrogen into the hydrogenation reactor. Diaphragm compressor insulated compression chamber ensures H2 purity preservation.</p></div>Diaphragm Compressor
PTA. Vent compressor Vent compressor<div class="ExternalClass474E0246A11C451886C7F28533493346"><p>Vent compressor to recover and liquefy harmful gases instead of being vented. </p></div>Reciprocating Compressor, Peripheral
PTA. N2 Blanketing Compressor N2 Blanketing Compressor<div class="ExternalClass280971636CA14E56BCD8737FBD83C301"><p>N2 gas supply for process blanketing with inert gas. </p></div>Reciprocating Compressor, Vertical Reciprocating
Xylene Isomers injection compressor Isomers injection compressor<div class="ExternalClass773229D535F94223B813C7680DD47336"><p>Within xylene isomerization, the isomerate is distilled in a deheptanizer from which hydrogen is recycled through a compressor to the process. </p></div>Oil Free Screw Compressor
Site utilities/N2 service utilities/N2 service<div class="ExternalClassD3F737231E5845EE928861EE5E376C61"><p>Delivery of pressurised nitrogen for site process needs. Dry compression ensure gas purity preservation.</p></div>Reciprocating Compressor, Vertical Reciprocating
Site utilities/Buildings. Aeration, Ventilation utilities/Buildings. Aeration, Ventilation<div class="ExternalClass0E938E9F0C9B41D2A095C73ECDDF6E54"><p>At emergency evacuation points, axial and centrifugal fans provide reliable ventilation in crisis situations. Living quarters overpressure to protect rooms and staircases from hazardous fumes. </p></div>Centrifugal fans, Axial fans
Site utilities/Air instrument and process air utilities/Air instrument and process air<div class="ExternalClass3BA4FDFCD4CE40B185162120069DECC3"><p>Dry compression solutions.</p></div>Reciprocating Compressor, Vertical Reciprocating
Site utilities/Electricity-Fuel gas utilities/Electricity-Fuel gas<div class="ExternalClass94C3EE050DD54B339C8834E30DCFB486"><p>Onsite power is often generated using gas turbines.  Modern turbines have increasing high pressure feed gas requirements designed to optimise power output.  As available gas pressure is commonly lower than required it is boosted through a compressor prior to the turbine combustion chamber.</p></div>Oil injected screw compressors, Reciprocating Compressor, Centrifugal compressors
Site utilities/WWTP Waste water treatment utilities/WWTP Waste water treatment<div class="ExternalClass59A2F030C21D428487DB57F7F0039C90"><p>Treating contaminants such are petroleum hydrocarbons, ammonia, and organic sulfur. For mechanical system or diffused aeration system, air supply is needed into the diffuser. </p></div>Single stage blowers
Site utilities/Cooling towers utilities/Cooling towers<div class="ExternalClass41A3815624D845638E2DCE509977E3B1"><p>Low noise, high efficiency fans for cooling towers. </p></div>Axial Fans, Packaged solution fan
Site utilities/Ventilation & Aeration utilities/Ventilation & Aeration<div class="ExternalClass99B6A74AEF764B58BC5BE332A6AAD937">At emergency evacuation points, axial and centrifugal fans provide reliable ventilation in crisis situations. Living quarters overpressure to protect rooms and staircases from hazardous fumes.</div>Centrifugal fans, Axial fans
Process Support/Flare gas recovery Support/Flare gas recovery<div class="ExternalClassF212A4873EB44E2DA7A1F83EBB6152EC"><p>Off gas streams recovery.  Recover off gas streams that are to be flared. Mainly by compression of corrosive gases.  Compression solutions are delivered with compatible materials and protection level according area classification.</p></div>Reciprocating Compressor, Diaphragm Compressor, Screw Compressors
Process Support/Extractions from capacities and reactors Support/Extractions from capacities and reactors<div class="ExternalClass69C5DA7ACA324AB19377CF8196D6E428">Furnace and fired heater fans. Residual gas exhaust fans. Explosive gas exhaust ATEX fans.</div>Centrifugal Fans
Process Support/ fans Support/ fans<div class="ExternalClassB4F9CFF6859A4C1CA1BA65298BD77D28"><p>Fans for contaminated gas incinerators, thermal oxidizers, aeration, cooling towers and living quarters overpressure preventing rooms and staircases from hazardous fumes contamination, keeping safe environments free from the risk of explosive and hazardous gases.</p></div>Centrifugal fans, Axial fans
Process Support/Pneumatic Conveying Support/Pneumatic Conveying<div class="ExternalClass228A410567B948428877518DDDFF4883"><p>Move bulk materials that are suspended in an air stream that is introduced by a positive pressure blower.</p></div>Roots Lobe Blowers
Process refrigeration refrigeration<div class="ExternalClass6B4F349F8BFC44809440C578DAFDEE1C">Refrigeration compressor (Propane).</div>Single Shaft Multistage Horizontally Split
Air Separation Unit Separation Unit<div class="ExternalClassDEEDBD543DF242ACA40F4CE392ED0433"><p>Large ASU Oxygen and air compressor.</p></div>Single Shaft Multistage Horizontally Split
Process Support/Combustion of waste gas Support/Combustion of waste gas<div class="ExternalClass826521D7C03D495FB7734F9EE7DB831F"><p>Incineration air blower</p></div>Roots Lobe Blowers
HDPE-LLDPE Purification Process Purification Process<div class="ExternalClass66816BEB861B4D54930457D430F4E59B">Linear Low Density Polyethylene. H2 Service compressor</div>Screw compressors
Ethylene storage/Refrigeration Compressor storage/Refrigeration Compressor<div class="ExternalClass5A1379589F3047B997A535925A0B91AD"><p>Tank boil-off gas vapors will be recompressed and recovered to storage via a reliquefaction system or potentially supplied to the plant for other processes. </p></div>Screw compressors, Reciprocating Compressor
LDPE/Primary Compressor Compressor<div class="ExternalClassE1150C3F418B48EE8CC2FB94E51DE2FD"><p>Ethylene is passed through the primary reciprocal compressor</p></div>Reciprocating Compressor
LDPE/Process Vent gas compressor Vent gas compressor<div class="ExternalClassE4CF27ECB89F410AB8B0FB9C72B7C267"><p>Resin leaves the reactor into a discharging system where unreacted materials are separated from resin then compressed via a vent recovery compressor before being cooled and re-entering the loop.</p></div>Oil Free Screw Compressor
HDPE-LLDPE Make up compressor Make up compressor<div class="ExternalClass7B91ECA4CDDA4B749BCCF25AFD892107"><p>HDPE-LLDPE Linear Low Density Polyethylene. Ethylene make up compressor package API & ATEX</p></div>Reciprocating Compressor, Peripheral
HDPE-LLDPE N2 service N2 service<div class="ExternalClassC695FD2A6F9C416BAEEC91D836035967"><p>HDPE-LLDPE Linear Low Density Polyethylene. N2 Service compressor for polymerization process.</p></div>Reciprocating Compressor, Vertical Reciprocating
EO-EG Ethylene Oxide-Ethylene Glycol Reactor feed Ethylene Oxide-Ethylene Glycol Reactor feed<div class="ExternalClass16FB8D723E2F487F9B77A52DFBA15A49"><p>Ethylene Oxide-Ethylene Glycol (EO-EG). Ethylene gas make-up compressor for reactor feed.</p></div>Reciprocating Compressor
EDC/ HCI refrigeration HCI refrigeration<div class="ExternalClass3C3032BC154F472C8930411E3BD5AE38"><p>HCI that is vented from the oxy-chlorination reactor can be sent through a refrigerated condenser for recovery.  Process requires refrigerant compressors.</p></div>Oil Injected Screw Compressor

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