Chemical processes processes<div class="ExternalClass6C7F86C99BC44C2E9CA2FE192F3E2F10"><p>The chemical sector is such a diverse industry that the range of applications for our products is very wide. Our experience across a wide variety of gas mixtures, including extremely corrosive compositions, enables us to select the construction materials that will provide the most durable and safe long-term service for each individual application.</p><p>Fans can be supplied to be gas tight and made of special materials to resist corrosion. Diaphragm compressors maintain the highest cleanliness of gas being compressed, preventing gas contamination by means of complete separation from mechanical lubrication and the external atmosphere.  Diaphragm compressors are frequently used in chemical processes (Fluor, Polysilicone) and have a high pressure capability for reactor feeding while piston compressors are custom designed with regards to materials and instrumentation for handling complex chemical gases. </p><p>Blowers and turbo-compressors are supplied to provide air for carbon black plants and for sulphuric acid plants. <br>Howden screw compressors are used for gas handling and in refrigeration plants while Howden ExVel(R) turbo fans are used in MVC evaporators to concentrate chemical solutions for transport and further processing in crystallizers or dryers.<br></p></div><div class="ExternalClassABCB9436FB7F43F8A0E3C5CD49A3DE8F"><p>Equipment that keeps the product purity and that can handle toxic, corrosive and unstable gases</p></div><div class="ExternalClassDCC032676120421198AEE4F0CC38EA06"><div class="container-fluid benefits-panel bg-Hgray" style="padding-top:0px;padding-bottom:0px;"><div class="container"><div class="row"><div class="col-md-4"> <img class="icon" src="/assets/portal/Process/icons/icon-custom-services.svg" alt="" /> <h3 class="white">Comprehensive, Customized Services</h3><p class="white small-text">We supply a range of equipment to the chemical industry, from fans for process heating and cooling, to compressors that are used for gas compression and processing.</p></div><div class="col-md-4"> <img class="icon" src="/assets/portal/Process/icons/icon-bespoke-packages.svg" alt="" /> <h3 class="white">Bespoke Packages</h3><p class="white small-text">The important differences in gas composition to process constraints make our ability to custom-design for specific needs and site conditions enormously valuable. Each complete package is designed to match the rigors of its environment as well as its specific task, and engineered for continuous uninterrupted operation. </p></div><div class="col-md-4"> <img class="icon" src="/assets/portal/Process/icons/icon-inhouse.svg" alt="" /> <h3 class="white">In-House Expertise</h3><p class="white small-text">Howden engineering teams and field engineers have access to our 160 years of knowledge, meaning we can offer our expertise at every step of the process from product selection to ongoing support. Our worldwide organisation provides local responsive support to end users and customers.</p> </div> </div></div></div></div>ChemicalGP0|#e648f759-decc-46ee-8cc5-915f2af61b8f;L0|#0e648f759-decc-46ee-8cc5-915f2af61b8f|chemical;GTSet|#dc038bf8-3f43-4229-a321-3cc6d7b21f0a;GPP|#9239921b-23ea-4930-9a10-656132a77cbd



Chlorine gas/Compress gas/Compress<div class="ExternalClass8E8EF88B18314C8C9D7E67A99A58C1FD"><p>Compress chlorine prior to liquefaction or transfer to consumer plant and potentially hydrogen (within sodium chloride method).</p></div>Screw Compressor
Chlorine gas/Offloading transfer gas/Offloading transfer<div class="ExternalClass5F7EE471A3954B05823DCFA73FA13F7E"><p>Equipment ensure liquid product transfer to grounded, rail or truck mounted tanks. Gas under pressure is used to push liquids. </p></div>Reciprocating Compressor
Toxic or corrosive process gases or corrosive process gases<div class="ExternalClass44FC006288F1482594224D2AA930B962"><p>Diaphragm compressor technology is particularly adapted for clean, hermetically sealed gas compression preventing any contamination from the product to the atmosphere.</p></div>Diaphragm Compressor
Fluorine and Fluorocarbon Processes and Fluorocarbon Processes<div class="ExternalClass18651DF636F545F085A0C12F6B8C4D0D"><p>Diaphragm compressors technology is particularly adapted for clean, hermetically sealed gas compression, preventing any contamination of the product or the atmosphere. PTFE and Teflon processes, UF6 Compressor, BF3 production, HFC compressor, Hydrofluoric acid, Metal fluoride and NF3 processes.</p></div>Diaphragm Compressor
Soda<div class="ExternalClass8E0A20E89C0541CAB3A5FA994F4751F9"><p>Soda gas compressor.</p></div>Horizontally Split Compressor
Polysillicon/FBR<div class="ExternalClassA679CAC38EDA41EBBBDF38001CEA7114"><p>Polysilicon is manufactured in a multi-step process in which gases are compressed, passed over silicon, and further processed. Howden deliver FBR compressors, STF compressors and H2 compressors for this application. </p></div>Reciprocating Compressor
Polysillicon/TCS VCD VCD<div class="ExternalClass51D45C254C2E46B08E4E7FE27B70F1EC"><p>Polysilicon is manufactured in a multi-step process in which gases are compressed, passed over silicon, and further processed. Howden deliver reactor off gas compressors, HCL for TCS synthesis, TCS for deposition reactor and H2 recycle compressors for this application. </p></div>Diaphragm Compressor, Reciprocating Compressor
Process support/ Contaminated gas disposal support/ Contaminated gas disposal<div class="ExternalClass6F799BF278D844198A4AACE2CA54028C"><p>Incinerators and thermal oxidisers fans.</p></div>Centrifugal Fans
Gas transfer transfer<div class="ExternalClass06F73B4B955148F6A7090AC0FE5E1432"><p>Transfer of gases containing particles or moisture.</p></div>Centrifugal Fans, Turbo Fans, Peripheral Compressor
Site utilities/N2 service utilities/N2 service<div class="ExternalClass404AE1E7603C45C39C4EB27C8923C879"><p>Delivery of pressurised nitrogen for site process needs. Dry compression ensure gas purity preservation. Compressor package construction match area protection level specified by the site.</p></div>Reciprocating Compressor, Vertical Reciprocating
Site utilities/Air utilities/Air<div class="ExternalClass91495820DE2C4C5B888381F569C3AA68"><p>Air for process</p></div>Centrifugal Fan
Supercritical CO2 CO2<div class="ExternalClassFE3009FDA9DC46DE80DC6BD9AEECE189">Supercritical CO2</div>Centrifugal compressor
Site utilities/Regeneration air utilities/Regeneration air<div class="ExternalClass99AE4498D3694C5C91CED789DD591CE8">Regeneration air</div>Single stage blowers
Site utilities/WWTP Waste water treatment Air Blowers utilities/WWTP Waste water treatment Air Blowers<div class="ExternalClass7026E3C22C5A4B38830349E83BCFF721"><p>Treating contaminants such as petroleum hydrocarbons, ammonia, and organic sulfur. For mechanical system or diffused aeration system, air supply is needed into the diffuser. Howden supplies air blowers for the application.</p></div>Single stage blowers
Site utilities/ZLD Zero liquefaction discharge, MVR/MVC utilities/ZLD Zero liquefaction discharge, MVR/MVC<div class="ExternalClassE38BF8497B1C4C57887B0F35D4CF637F"><p>Instead of letting down high-pressure steam exhaust across a throttling valve, low-pressure waste steam can be mechanically compressed or boosted to a higher pressure so that it can be reused.<br>Vapor recompression involves incorporating a blower to increase the temperature of the latent heat in steam to render it usable for process duties. </p></div>Roots Lobe Blowers, Turbo fans
Site utilities/Aeration / Ventilation utilities/Aeration / Ventilation<div class="ExternalClassB2A97BD3311E42DC8C7BF2B1E7D06BE2"><p>At emergency evacuation points, axial and centrifugal fans provide reliable ventilation in crisis situations. Living quarters overpressure to protect rooms and staircases from hazardous fumes.</p></div>Centrifugal fans, Axial fans
Site utilities/Process cooling utilities/Process cooling<div class="ExternalClass2E22721D9BE5411C97BAA07B953B06C5">Cooling fans for Air Cooled Heat Exchanger (ACHE).</div>Cooling Fans
Process support/Air for Pneumatic Conveying support/Air for Pneumatic Conveying<div class="ExternalClassBF5726B646DA4E858B38BD689A176B45"><p>Air stream is introduced by a positive pressure blower upstream of material intake points.</p></div>Roots Lobe Blowers
Atomising air air<div class="ExternalClassD8DE8155F0254E74A82E4E436BBBA510"><p>Turbo compressors providing atomising air for the fluidised bed.</p></div>Single stage blowers
Process support/Flare gas recovery support/Flare gas recovery<div class="ExternalClass6F46657B63A94396ABB8DF93DBC2951A"><p>Recover off gas streams that are to be flared.  Compression solutions are delivered with compatible materials and protection level according area classification.</p></div>Reciprocating Compressor, Screw Compressor

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