The VentSim CONTROL (formerly SmartEXEC) software provides ventilation design capabilities which can be used for control and optimization.

After a programme of user feedback and evolution lasting almost a decade, VentSim CONTROL is today delivering outstanding results. In 2015, we developed a no programming 'plug and play' approach by incorporating instrumentation, automation, fans, dampers and fan motor starters that can be integrated quickly and easily into any VentSim CONTROL system. Today, any type and size of Howden fan can be supplied in that 'plug and play' configuration.

Key Features

  • Once a ventilation design is completed, the resulting VentSim CONTROL system is ready for real-time control and optimization in the mine. The VentSim CONTROL system interfaces with existing infrastructure using Open Connectivity (OPC). This control technology is seamlessly integrated into ventilation design connecting directly to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), actuators, starters and other controllable devises via existing communication structures. Once communication is established, the VentSim CONTROL system maintains all control information for a given piece of equipment regardless of location. VentSim CONTROL also provides fail safe setpoints to the PLCs. Using dynamic linking, as ventilation equipment is added or removed, altering the process control is a simple configuration change executed by the ventilation personnel. The changes require no programming for controls or human machine interfaces.
  • The VentSim CONTROL ventilation control system has unique characteristics which provide significant advantages over conventional control systems.


  • ​​​The VentSim CONTROL software can be coupled to the VentSim CONTROL MS, MSg, MCS and MCSg for ventilation instrumentation and local control.
  • For engineering purposes:
  • to design efficient ventilation network and controls.
  • to easily and rapidly evaluate alternatives.
  • to evaluate production capacity.
  • to evaluate existing or future ventilation system performance.
  • to evaluate future operating cost and savings opportunity.
  • For operations:
  • to measure and document compliance to Health & Safety regulations◦volume requirement.
  • velocity requirement.
  • fresh air / return air mix.
  • contaminants.
  • to maximize production capacity.
  • to realize energy savings.
  • to reduce the carbon footprint.


  • ​​​​Mining.

Case Studies

Goldcorp Éléonore gold mine

Our radically new VentSim CONTROL technologies that brought impressive cost and energy savings while also raising productivity.

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Howden Ventilation on Demand (VOD)

This study examines the results of three typical mines with VOD installed.

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