Augmented Reality Applications

Development of Augmented Reality applications for the entire spectrum of the screw compressor manufacturing process


Augmented Reality (AR) in industrial applications connects users across digital and physical worlds and coupled with rapid return on investment, easy adoption, and as a meaningful way to stand out from the competition, AR is quickly becoming increasingly common in the industrial world.

This whitepaper provides the reader with a description on what Augmented Reality is and the difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. It then describes the scope of this new technology for an organisation like Howden.



It is actually remarkably easy for an organisation like Howden to venture into the AR world and to create experiences for the full spectrum of the screw compressor manufacturing process.

As the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of the bare shaft screw compressor, and also as a packager and as an aftersales supplier, Howden already have 95% of the modelling and data required to produce the animation displayed on the AR experience.

To go the next step has required the team to come out of their silos and integrate with the different departments around them.


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