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Technical content from our in-house experts


White papers offer you the chance to read articles direct from the Howden engineering team. Taking important topics and examining them in detail, these documents offer the chance to really understand a specific feature or subject direct from the hand of our world class experts.

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Sulphur Recovery Units

Turbo Blowers

How does one extract and process our oil and gas resources in a safe, environmentally friendly and efficient way whilst also reducing costs?

Grid connection guidelines

Steam Turbines

Experiences with grid connection guidelines and the certification of Howden / KK&K-Steam turbines.

Project SECRET - CFD Analysis

Screw Compressor

Due to the sharp discontinuities in the profile of hook and claw pumps which make it difficult to produce a good quality body fitted mesh, their CFD simulations are challenging

Clearance Management Screw Compressor

Screw Compressor

This paper describes the theory behind oil-free compressor operations, clearances and conventional methods of clearance management

Project SECRET - A Novel Experimental Setup

Screw Compressor

A Novel Experimental Setup to Measure Velocity and Temperature Field in Leakage Flows of Oil Free Rotary Positive Displacement Machines

Project SECRET - Application of Path Homotopy

Screw Compressor

This work explores application of an idea called ‘Path Homotopy’ from Topology in twin screw compressor rotor profile design.

Project SECRET - Bi Directional System Coupling

Screw Compressor

Oil-free twin-screw compressors are essential in various industrial applications where clean compressed gas is required.

Augmented Reality Applications


This whitepaper provides the reader with a description on what Augmented Reality is and the difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Impact of Digitalisation


The impact of digitalisation focussing on the digital twin in the manufacturing space for air and gas handling markets.

Predictive analytics using digital twins


Digital Twin driven solutions require a dedicated solution strategy – one that ensures business value creation and guarantees long-term success.

Unplanned stops of Axial Fans

Axial Fan

Our experts have asked around the world to find out what the most frequent reasons are for unplanned fan stops. Now we know and we made a white paper on it.