ExVelTM MVR Turbo Fans

The World’s Leading Turbo Fan Applications Engineer for MVR

With our extensive MVR application experience over 45 years, we understand the unique process, mechanical, and aerodynamic challenges of MVR applications, and we have the know-how to provide the optimum turbo fan solution for your plant with our industry leading technologies.

Our unique ExVel® turbo fan impeller technologies are unsurpassed in industrial fan industry in terms of strength, rigidity, and load capability. Our fan rotor system is designed and constructed for the application with impeller, shaft, and bearing technologies to stand up to the demanding loads imparted by tough MVR applications due to process, fouling, disrupted flow, and temperature or chemistry challenges.

While MVR process systems are initially by the user to operate in clean steady state conditions, unforeseen process foaming or carryover may occur due to process or operational changes, which can lead to difficult operating condition and environments for the vapor compressor. To provide the highest degree of reliability to work through tough MVR conditions, users have relied on Howden’s unique ExVel turbo fans to keep their operation online.

ExVel Turbo Fans

Key Features of Howden's ExVelTM Turbo Fans

ExVel Impeller

The strong, tough, and reliable impeller technology unique to Howden's ExVel turbo fans.

Advanced Bearing Technologies

Several different bearing technologies are available to either minimise cost or maximise life and reliability.

Low rotational speeds

Low rotor stress, less sensitivity to fouling, more reliable service.

Fabricated Construction

Impellers and casings are fabricated from ductile alloy plate (no castings) making them more forgiving in unexpected process conditions. All component interface connections are machined.

ExVel Mechanical Vapor Compression impeller

Few parts – low maintenance

  • Only three rotating parts - impeller, shaft, coupling
  • No gears
  • Fewer and lower cost spare parts to be considered
  • Less preventative maintenance
  • Lower cost of ownership

High Efficiency and Good Turndown

  • Operating efficiencies up to 85%
  • Controllability to less than 50% flow
  • Variable speed and/or guide vane control options

Short lead time

Oil free, non-pulsating operation

Low rotor stress, less sensitivity to fouling, more reliable service.

API (American Petroleum Institute) options

  •  API 673 – Centrifugal fans
  •  API 671 – Special purpose couplings
  •  API 614 – General and special purpose lubrication systems
  •  API 541 – Induction motors – 500 horsepower and larger
ExVel MVR Built
ExVel MVR performance map

Maximise Quality and Value

Howden’s ExVel turbo fans can be manufactured from a variety of materials to meet specific process conditions, including:

  • Quench and tempered steels
  • Stainless and Duplex Stainless Steel Alloys
  • Nickel Alloys.

Besides standard in-process NDE and quality checks for every MVR turbo fan, and regardless of how large any unit may be, every fan is run tested at the factory before shipment to ensure the highest operational quality and reliability from the very start.

ExVel turbo fans also offer many standard and custom design and component options to further enhance your plant's ease of operation and maintenance, and increase reliability and uptime.

Howden Mechanical Vapor Recompression

Howden understands the unique process, aerodynamic, mechanical, and operations requirements of MVR applications.


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