Centrifugal Turbo Compressors for MVR

The Widest Range of Compressors for MVR Applications

Through continuous product development based firmly on customer feedback, applications engineering, and problem solving, we have developed and exceptional and comprehensive line of centrifugal turbo blowers and compressors for MVR applications, which are versatile, and highly efficient.

Howden offers a wide range of compressor technologies to achieve the best match for your project.

Our designs offer high efficiency over a wide operating range through a combination on high efficiency impeller designs, precision gearing, high stability bearings, and optimised flow control guide vane solutions.

Our turbo blowers and compressor can be provided as stand-alone units or complete modular packages including drive train, instrumentation, auxiliaries, electrical, and piping systems, and can be supplied as API 617 compliant.

Two engineers working on a Turbo Blower for MVR

Turbo Compressors

Explore the full range of our single stage centrifugal compressors.

Single stage centrifugal compressors

Features of the SF turbo blower products

State of the Art impeller shaft connection

  •  The self-centering connection allows our rotors to achieve reliable performance in high speed / high torque applications
  •  It allows for reproducibility of balancing quality after assembly or inspection and maintenance operations

Wear Resistant Impeller Design

  •  The unique blade design and geometry allow for better resistance to erosion which might be experienced in MVR applications than impellers from other compressor technologies

Impeller Material Options

  •  Stainless steel (X3CrNi13 4 / 1.4313)
  •  Titanium alloy
  •  Special materials
  •  Inconell 625
  •  Hastelloy C22

Howden SF Turbo Blowers – An Excellent Choice for MVR

For more than 100 years Howden Turbo based in Frankenthal, Germany (formerly AG KK&K) has produced steam turbines and compressors for demanding applications and operating conditions such as those with corrosive, erosive, or sticky media processes. This wealth of applications experience, combined with significant installation history of our SF series of turbo blowers in MVR applications make the SF series and excellent choice for your MVR plant.

Our SF products have proven to be:

  • Highest reliability in un-spared operations
  • Highest Efficiency through continuous R&D
  • High temperature rise via optimized impeller design
  • Rugged impeller design for long-term erosion resistance
  • Specific material selection in line with project requirements
  • Maintenance friendly design

Consequently Howden’s SF turbo blowers are trusted for MVR vapor compression applications world-wide.

Turbo Blower MVR performance map

Howden Mechanical Vapor Recompression

Howden understands the unique process, aerodynamic, mechanical, and operations requirements of MVR applications.


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