Steam Turbine - BASE

The BASE steam turbine model is a compact solution for 75 – 1000 kW output range.

The steam turbine BASE is a generator drive specially designed for the 75-1000 kW output range. This favorably priced turbine features a simple, extremely compact design, short start-up times and a high degree of operational reliability. The BASE steam turbine is delivered as a pre-tested package unit with turbine, gear, generator, oil unit, control and protection unit as well as circuit breaker, built on a common base frame. The lightweight turbine package has a space requirement of approx. 1.5 m x 2.5 m x 2 m (width x length x height) and a weight of around 4,500 kg.

Design concept of BASE steam turbine series

The Base is a single-stage impulse turbine. The inlet steam flow is directed onto the turbine rotor blades, where mechanical power is generated when the steam flow direction changes. The resulting impulse spins the rotor, and the power is transferred from the turbine via the gear to the generator. The turbine casing is centrically slide-mounted on the bearing casing to permit free radial movements under influence of different temperatures. The vertical split allows easy access to the rotor disk.

This steam turbine is available for power generation applications and also as mechanical drives for pumps, compressors, and more.

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Key Features

  • ​Minimal foundation work thanks to small and compact design.
  • Largely maintenance-free due to stalwart, robust construction.
  • ​High availability thanks to resilient and sure technology.
  • Quick start without preheating of the turbine due to minimized gyrating masses.
  • ​Favourably priced thanks to proven components.
  • ​Quick development and commissioning due to production orientated design.

Technical Data

  • ​Power Output: 75 to 1,000kW(e).
  • Inlet steam pressure: 2 to 40 bar(a).
  • Inlet steam temperature: dry saturated steam to 400°C.
  • ​Exhaust pressure: back pressure up to 11 bar(a).
  • ​Dimensions: approx. 1.5 x 2.5 x 2m (W x L x H).
  • ​Weight: approx. 4,500 kg.


  • ​​​Waste-heat recovery e.g. behind gas engines and biogas engines.
  • ​Small CHP plants.
  • ​Decentralized solar facilities.
  •  Mechanical drives

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