ST0020 - Steam Turbine Genset, 2.610 MW (Extraction-Condensing-Type)

Turbine (Kühnle, Kopp & Kausch)

Description ST0020 -
  • Steam Turbine Genset, 2.610 MW (Extraction-Condensing-Type)
Year of manufacturing 2004
Model  KK&K TWIN AFA 46

The buyer accepts the subject of offer in the condition as is. The seller does not accept any claims.


Turbine Specs

Turbine 1: Life-steam design /max: 36 bar abs 388 grd C
Exhaust pressure: 5,0 bar abs
Extraction pressure: 3 bar abs
Extraction throughput: 3,4 to until 4,9 to
Turbine 2: Life-steam design / max: 5,0 bar abs
Exhaust pressure: 0,2 bar abs until 1,2 bar abs
The turbine: loose - dimensions: 3100 x 2155 x 2840, weight ≈ 4200 kg

Subsequent parts according to prior agreement with the seller:


Type LSA 54 L75-4P
Apparent – power 3.194 kVA 50 Hz
Active – power 2.555 kWe, cos phi 0,8
Rated voltage 6.300 V
The generator: loose - dimensions: 3193 x 1400 x1723, weight ≈ 8070 kg

Auxiliary equipment

Coupling ELCO by RENK
Local control panel incl. governor SC800
Mechanical and electrical documentation: Complete project doc available
Operation Manual Language German/Italian
Oil Cooler Treuer WT 4
Armatures & Valves  
Without condenser  


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