ST0018 - Steam Turbine Genset, 1.803 MW (Extraction-Condensing-Type)

Turbine (Kühnle, Kopp & Kausch)

Description ST0018 - Steam Turbine Genset, 1.803 MW (Extraction-Condensing-Type)
Year of manufacturing 2018 / never installed
Operating hours 0 h
Model KK&K TWIN AFA 46

The buyer accepts the subject of offer in the condition as is. The seller does not accept any claims.


Turbine Specs

Nominal – Output: 1.803 MW
Turbine 1: Life-steam design / max 94,5 bar abs 490 grd C
Exhaust pressure 6,5 bar abs
Turbine 2: Life-steam design / max 7,5 bar abs 413 grd C
Exhaust pressure 0,08 bar abs until 1,2 bar abs
Steam flow 12,18 t/h normal
Packing of turbine loose – dimensions: 3400 x 2754 x 2880, weight ≈ 10500 kg (without base frame)

Subsequent parts according to prior agreement with the seller:


Type LSA 52.3 L9 water cooled IP56
Apparent – power 2.000 kVA
Active – power 1.600 kWe
Rated voltage 400 V
The generator loose – dimensions: 2926 x 1715 x 1770, weight ≈ 5900 kg

Auxiliary equipment

Coupling ELCO
Base Frame turbine and generator separate skids to be installed over concrete foundation
Control System for Turbine SC901-S7, control system PASCH
Synchronizing Equipment DEIF GPU3
Mechanical & Electrical Documentation Complete project doc available
Operation Manual Language English
Water/Oil Cooler HS Cooler for turbine and integrated water cooler for generator
Armatures & Valves Drain valves plus condensation traps
Special Tools Hydraulic tools for impellers dismantle and installation
Other Includes vacuum condenser KELVION


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