ST0015 - Steam Turbine: 3,228 MW (Extraction-Condensing-Type)

Turbine (Kühnle, Kopp & Kausch)

Description Steam Turbine: 3,228 MW (Extraction-Condensing-Type)
Year of manufacturing 2020 / never in operation
Operating hours Zero
Model KK&K TWIN CA 36

The buyer accepts the subject of offer in the condition as is. The seller does not accept any claims.

Stored in the USA


Turbine Specs

Nominal – Output: 3228 kW 1800 rpm
Life-steam design HP 52.71 bar abs 399 grd C
Exhaust pressure HP 7.9 bar abs
Steam flow HP 15.47 t/h normal
Extraction design 7.89 bar abs 360 grd C
Steam flow extraction 1.7 t/h normal
Life-steam design LP 7.90 bar abs 211 grd C
Exhaust pressure LP 0.10 bar abs
Steam flow LP 13.77 t/h normal
The turbine: loose – dimensions 2450 x 3255 x 2600, weight ≈ 9500 kg (without base frame)

Subsequent parts according to prior agreement with the seller:


Generator T D Power Systems Limited
Type TC 110
Rated power 3765 kVA (3200kW@rated PF/3388kW@0.90/3576KW@0.95)
Rated power factor 0.85
Rated voltage 4.16 kV/4160 V
Rated Frequency 60 Hz
Rated Speed 1800 rpm
cooling system TEWAC
weight ≈ 15.000 kg

Auxiliary equipment

  • coupling and base frame
  • control system for turbine (SC901-S7)
  • synchronizing equipment
  • mechanical and electrical documentation
  • operation manual languages: English
  • oil cooler
  • armatures & valves
  • Cyclone Separator
  • Special Tools set turbine wheel CFR3

The Buyer accepts the subject of offer in the condition as it is. The Seller does not accept any claims. This offer is subject to prior sale.


Steam Turbine
Steam Turbine
Steam Turbine
Steam Turbine

Technical Drawing

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