C0003 - vapour recompressor (Kühnle, Kopp & Kausch)

vapour recompressor (Kühnle, Kopp & Kausch)

description compressor SFOG 5.6
year of construction 2009 / standstill since Nov. 2022
weight 4.200 kg

The buyer accepts the subject of offer in the condition as is. The seller does not accept any claims.


Compressor Specs

fluid air
volume flow rate 16.30 m³/s
power output 315 kW
compressor speed   14,921 rpm
pressure rise 140 mbar
air inlet temperature T1 62 °C
impeller material steel
cooler air cooler
control frequency converter by LOHER
main drive by electric motor
weight 2.950 kg without electrical motor and base frame

Gear Box

manufacturer Siemens Turbo GmbH (KK&K)
Type G2a
Weight 1,100 kg

Electrical Motor

manufacturer Siemens / LOHER
type LDX:ANGA.355LB-02A
weight 3,160 kg
class of insulation F
protection class IP55
power, nom. 315 kW
power frequency 50 Hz
voltage 400 V +- 10%
speed 2985 rpm
dimension (approx.) length= 1.63 m; width = 0.73 m; heigth = 1.08 m

Additional Components

coupling steel coupling (Siemens/Flender ARP-6)
base frame  
electrical motor LOHER (spare part)
impeller with shaft as spare part
operation manual in German language


Compressor images

Impeller as a spare image

Air Compressor

spare motor nameplate


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