Waste Water Blowers and Control Systems

​Howden’s single and multi-stage centrifugal blowers provide low volumes of air at high pressure, packaged complete with control systems, for waste water treatment duties.

​Howden’s Type RRC centrifugal blowers are directly coupled to two-pole induction motors, offering a cost-effective, efficient and quieter alternative to positive displacement blowers. Our blowers are supplied in a wide range of corrosion, abrasion and temperature resistant materials to meet the specifications of the individual customer.

Howden offers turnkey electrical control and automation products that are engineered for the customer’s process specifications. We manage the complete automation of large projects, from the tender stage, through to final commissioning.

Wastewater blowers

Key Features

  • ​Efficient.
  • Robust construction.
  • Inlet inducer vanes, inlet radial valve controls and optional variable vane diffuser controls.
  • Customised for specific customer requirements and performance demands.
  • Simplified maintenance.


  • ​​Uninterrupted operation through a variety of flows.
  • ​​Wide flow range.
  • ​​Integrated control system.


  • ​​Waste water treatment

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