RRO Centrifugal Blowers


The high efficiency RRO centrifugal blowers are especially designed to equip sulphuric acid plants. In the process, the main blower is located before or after the drying tower.

RRO Centrifugal Blower

Key Features

  • Motor or steam turbine
  • Flow control can combine:
  • Radial Vane Control (RVC)
  • Blow-off device
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

  • Inlet filter and silencers
  • Noise insulation and treatment(design, environment)
  • Vibration control
  • Lubrication oil unit
  • Local panel and automation


  • ​​​Ease of maintenance
  • ​​​Minimum downtime
  • ​​​Designed to suit all environments


  • ​​​Yellow cake
  • ​​​Nickel and copper
  • ​​​Titanium pigments
  • ​​​Chemicals
  • ​​​Fertilizers
  • ​​​Metal processing
  • ​​​Oil refining
  • ​​​Aluminium
  • ​​​Sulphate
  • ​​​Pulp and paper
  • ​​​Chemicals: main blower for sulphuric acid plants
  • ​​​General industries: mechanical vapour compression

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