Oil Coolers


​The oil coolers are exclusively adapted to cool the oil used in power transformers. They are designed to run under the most stringent operating conditions such as temperature, corrosive atmospheres, dust, sand, rain and snow.

Oil Cooler

Key Features

  • Tube stacks
  • Internal cleanliness
  • Tightness
  • Steel Manifolds
  • Oil inlet/outlet
  • Air supply plenum
  • Axipal BZi axial fan
  • Motors compliant with international standards:
  • Mobile power stations
  • Filter wire guard


  • ​​Tinned Copper or aluminium finned tubes
  • Designed to run under the most stringent operating conditions:
  • Temperature
  • Corrosive atmosphere
  • Dust, sand, rain and snow
  • Low sound levels.
  • Examples: 36MVA at 60dB; 70MVA at 65dB
  • Adapted to your existing interfaces à Plug & Play


  • ​Power Generation

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