Motors & Generators


​The Howden range of electrical motors and generators varies between 1 and 50MW and the rpm can range from 100 to 3000rpm. We produce synchronous and asynchronous (induction) motors used for compressors, pumps and generators, for elevators and rolling mills we produce direct current motors.

Motors and generators

Key Features

  • ​​​Production of high voltage asynchronous, synchronous, DC motors and synchronous generators.
  • ​​​Horizontal and vertical design.
  • ​​​Motors with constant or variable speed.
  • ​​​Two-pole and multi-pole machines for various types of drives.
  • ​​​Currently we provide services for our own products as well as for devices produced by other companies.


  • Long-term reliable service (tens of years).
  • Replacements of old machines from various manufacturers on the original base plate.
  • Possible adaptation of basic design dimensions in compliance with customer requirements.
  • Top technical parameters.
  • Wide scope of machines manufacture(rated power, revolutions and machine types).
  • Development focused on use of new materials, technologies and new technical solutions.
  • Design of electrical machines according to individual load requirements
  • Motors with unusual rated voltage or frequency.
  • Drives with difficult startup (high moments of inertia and load-torque curves).
  • Adaptable to minimize impact on electrical grid parameters.


  • ​The main application of our electric machines is in compressor drives, often within the delivery of compressor sets.
  • ​​Other applications include transport systems, natural gas transmission, mining systems, metallurgy and the power industry.

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