PumpsimTM flow simulation software

3D flow simulation software for pipe networks.

Pumpsim™ simulation software allows you to simulate the flow of liquids in your pipes over time. Create a 3D representation of your system, or design your ideal one. Pumpsim can simulate the behaviour of fluids inside your network

The intuitive and easy to use user interface means that you can quickly create your simulation and start getting results and actions to implement in your mine.

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The problem

It is important that water reticulation systems are designed well in order to maintain a reliable water supply. Improper design can lead to various issues including broken pipes, fluid leakage and production delays. These in turn lead to unplanned outages and costly downtime.

The solution

By utlising the tools that come with Pumpsim you can ensure that you have a pipe and pump design that is optimised. Pipes and pumps will be correctly rated and sized, making sure that you achieve reliable water supply. Whether you are designing a new system or investigating your current one, Pumpsim will give you the data you need to get it right.

Pumpsim interface

The 3D visual simulation that Pumpsim povides is ideal for those who are designing systems. The fully interactive environment allows you to zoom and rotate to view your entire model, and down to specific pumps and pipes. Then watch as the real time movment of liquid/slurry is activated.


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Howden develops Ventsim™, CSafe™ and Pumpsim™ software and can direct sell to the customer. We also provide a range of hands on training and consultancy services, including site based training and Ventsim assistance. Contact us for further information.

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