Engart Dust Collectors

Engart dust scrubbers efficiently remove dust from coal mining environments, where they are mounted either on continuous miners underground or at transfer points within ducting for aboveground dust control.

Engart dust scrubbers provide for the unsurpassed removal of dust from coal mines where contaminated air is a health hazard. Dust capture and scrubbing efficiencies of 95% of respiritable dust and 98% of total dust are achieved. Our Engart dust scrubbers offer high collection efficiencies, made possible over a wide range of volumes flows, ensuring that operating costs are kept low.

Engart Dust Collector

Key Features

  • ​​Robust construction.
  • Ease of operation.
  • Low maintenance costs.


  • ​High collection efficiencies.
  • ​Anti-spark impeller track.
  • ​Booster fan requirement eliminated.
  • ​Exhaust air directed.
  • ​Comprehensive aftermarket support.


  • ​Coal mines underground.
  • ​Coal transfer points aboveground.
  • ​Environments where dust control is a health and safety requirement.

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