Pre-engineered air preheaters and gas/gas heaters

Pre-engineered Heaters

Howden’s Pre-engineered Air Preheaters & Gas Heaters are based on the original regenerative heater design developed in collaboration with the inventor in 1923.  The design has been continually enhanced to reach our industry leading levels of thermal efficiency and performance enabling our customers’ vital processes. This underlines Howden’s vision of supporting the world’s industries with sustainable solutions.

The pre-engineered product range provides operators looking to recover energy from fired equipment a highly efficient, low maintenance solution in a compact footprint.  It can handle flue gas flows of under 50 tonnes per hour to around 200 tonnes per hour and recovered energy can extend to over 15MW depending on gas temperature drop.

The heaters are suitable for integration into new plant development as well as replacements of alternative technologies within operational sites.  All heaters are fully supported by Howden’s global pre-sales and aftermarket capabilities to ensure ease of project engineering and reliable long-term performance.

One of our strengths is our experience, we have thousands of successful installations to draw upon. Explore our reference list.



High Thermal Efficiency icon

High thermal efficiency maximising recovered energy and cost savings

Compacy Design icon

Compact design benefitting installation requirements

Heat transfer icon

Heat transfer not affected by fouling enabling performance to be maintained even when using 'dirty' fuels


Low rotational speed icon

Very low rotational speed requiring limited maintenance

Low emissions icon

Lower CO2 emissions reducing carbon footprint and related costs

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Global service support minimising downtime and ensuring reliable long-term performance


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Product Range

Available in both vertical and horizontal configurations, virtually every parameter can be modified or changed to suit the application and duties of the heater and the preferences of the customer.

Size chart for Howden package heaters

In many industries, recuperative type heaters are used as well as regenerative. Howden’s design is a strong choice delivering substantial life time value particularly when considered against alternative technologies.

Key decision factor Driver Regenerative vs recuperative APH
APH efficiency (thermal performance) Gas outlet temperature Best in class – Lowest pressure drop and lowest footprint at a given temperature
Fan sizing/consumption Pressure drop Best in class – Lowest gas outlet temperature and lowest footprint at a given pressure drop
Space constraints Unit footprint/volume Best in class – Lowest gas outlet temperature and pressure drop for a given footprint


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