Heater enhancements

With products whose operating life can be anything up to 40 years and beyond, we believe in building lasting relationships with our customers. It’s our duty to offer only the very highest standards of service, from initial installation of plant and equipment through routine maintenance to subsequent refurbishment and enhancements, to meet environmental legislation and operational changes.

Using specialised software, we can model all rotary regenerative heat exchangers and accurately predict the operational and cost advantages of our proposals. Environmental considerations and energy costs make it more important than ever to ensure air preheaters are working at optimised levels.

heater enhancement

What we can do for you

Plant enhancement

Our research and development coupled with long standing links with specialist suppliers, enables us to improve the performance of our own products as well as that of equipment supplied by other manufacturers.

We have a number of methods with which we can improve your Rotary Heat Exchangers that will result in savings being made; we can address leakage issues by improving the sealing system and/or increasing thermal performance utilising a different element profile.

Maintenance and spare parts

Howden has the experience and expertise to design, install and carry out planned routine maintenance programmes leaving our clients free to focus on their core activities while minimizing disruption.

We regard the supply of parts as a core activity, and we treat it with the same attention that we bring to new installations.


We have unique global experience with the Rotary Heat technologies. Where we supply equipment, whether it is replacement of heater elements or a custom designed heater, we can carry out all of the installation and associated works as a full turnkey service or as required.

Our service technicians and field engineers can supervise the installation and commissioning to ensure the equipment is safely and properly installed and commissioned. Their experience is invaluable in eliminating problems and minimizing time and cost.


Our site service activities

Refurbishment to original specification and upgrade of any regenerative rotary heat exchangers to latest technology

Performance upgrades

Turnkey supply of design, material, site management, site installation

Site surveys, inspection and plant evaluation

Preventive maintenance and maintenance advice

Medium and long-term planned outage management and support for unplanned outages

Performance and function tests and the relevant problem solution/implementation

Custom-made replacement spares, upgrade spares for any air and gas movement equipment as well as air preheaters

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