NCU ElementTM

The new notched crossed undulated element

Following extensive research and laboratory testing, US and International patent applications have been fi led for the NCU ElementTM. The starting point for these latest developments was the old Flat Notched Crossed element developed in 1970s. The addition of optimised, reverse-crossed-undulations increase turbulence whilst the combined element pair eliminates cold corner problems and skew flow, optimising performance across the entire surface.

NCU Element for gas fired

For coal to gas conversions and for new gas fired plant

Maximise the benefits of your coal-to-gas conversion, with our new Air-preheater elements

When converting your coal-fired unit to natural gas firing, a retrofit of the elements of your air-preheater can significantly contribute to boiler efficiency and consequently to a reduction of the heat rate.

Our International Heater team has worked hard to develop a new line of heater elements that are ideally suited to maximise the heat transfer in "clean" gas applications. Upgrading elements in your existing air-preheater provides a simple method of aligning the heating surface with the new conditions.

The total investments costs are negligible compared to the cost savings it delivers and the payback time is extremely short. Therefore a retrofit of your Air-preheater elements might seem like a minor investment to your plant, but has the potential of significantly increasing application efficiency and contributes to maximising the benefits of the coal-to-gas conversion for your plant.

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Achieve significant heat rate reductions by adopting Howden’s latest lighter NCU Elements™

In natural gas firing and other applications where the flue gases are clean and have no fouling potential, Howden’s new high thermal performance NCU Elements™ enhance boiler efficiency whilst providing size and weight reductions.

Over the last couple of years we have seen an increased market demand for rotary heater applications that are designed for clean flue gas conditions. Our answer: The high thermal performance Notched-Crossed-Undulated (NCU) profile.

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