Industrial Package Heaters

Pre-engineered industrial Package Heaters

Air preheaters configured for today's operating conditions

For the first time, rotary regenerative heaters at the lower end of the size range are being engineered to meet the economic and environmental circumstances of the foreseeable future, rather than the vastly different conditions that prevailed three or more decades ago.

The Howden pre-engineered package heater offers significantly reduced leakage, better thermal performance, greatly improved cleanability, ease of maintenance and exceptional long-term reliability. Our research in recent years has been driven by the global need to reduce fuel consumption and minimise environmental impact, and these industrial preheaters incorporate developments that have already proven their value in highly critical applications.

For replacement heaters in existing plants, we provide new equipment that matches the previous unit while bringing vastly improved efficiency and thermal performance. We fit the package to existing foundations, ductwork, power supplies and other site arrangements, introducing valuable gains in performance and reliability with the minimum of on-site work.

Package heaters

Package Heater

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Customised configuration

We supply industrial package heaters in sizes up to 21.5 in both vertical and horizontal configurations, and virtually every parameter can be modified or changed to suit the application and duties of the heater and the preferences of the customer. Heaters up to size 17.5 are housed in a square casing with no need for transition ducts, and size 18 and above are in octagonal casings with transition ducts. These factors are, however, fully customisable at the customer’s request.

Size chart for Howden package heaters

Positive forward planning: time to upgrade

The cost of repairing and maintaining package heaters that are more than twenty years old should be carefully balanced against the potential benefits of replacement.

​Apart from the ever-increasing need to maximise the benefits we draw from our limited supplies of fossil fuels and to reduce environmental emissions, there are compelling economic reasons to make the change as part of the strategic forward planning of the plant.

​Primarily, there is the need to balance the capital investment, a figure greatly reduced by our parametric design and production processes, against both the maintenance budget, which naturally increases as the heater becomes older, and the increasing possibility of an unplanned outage due to fouling, plugging or other failure. The costs associated with maintaining an aging heater to operate at the operation level necessary for optimum boiler performance combined with the increased risk of unplanned outages can be more than those of replacement with an updated and efficient Howden industrial package heater. The argument for a serious examination of the costs and savings are powerful even from this standpoint.

Package heater installation

Regenerative air heaters offer distinct advantages over tubular air heaters. These include:

  • More compact design
  • Lower pressure drop
  • Lower weight
  • Fouling does not affect heat transfer
  • Improved cleanability
  • Greater performance flexibility
  • Eliminates cold corner problems

Reduced leakage and fuel costs

One of the most significant advancements we have introduced is the use of effective seals in this size range. An effective sealing system substantially decreases FD fan power consumption and increases performance of equipment downstream from the air preheater. These are highly sensitive issues now and likely to grow even more important in the future. We install as standard double axial seals and either single or double radial seals configuration as required. Our principle task is to match the heater we supply to the exact performance parameters set by the customer.

Retrofits and Solutions


The leading manufacturer of heating elements irrespective of the original manufacturer.

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Enhancements and Upgrades

It’s our duty to offer only the very highest standards of service whatever their needs, from initial installation of plant and equipment through routine maintenance to subsequent refurbishment and enhancements.

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Technology and Experience

Over the many years of our ongoing heater applications experience, Howden have investigated and developed important innovative solutions including leakage sealing systems, cleaning systems and intelligent monitoring.

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