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In 2018 Howden acquired Advanced Combustion Inc. & ACI-CANEFCO (along with Fan company Advanced Fan Systems) a Canadian based engineering company that specialised in static heaters and dryers for various industries including mining and steel. The ACI brand will however be retained as the home of these industrial air pre-heaters and advanced combustion solutions.

The ACI brand is home to a number of different technologies including Ladle Heaters and Dryers, Tundish Heaters and Dryers along with unique mine air heaters which join our established Total Mine Ventilation Solutions including VentSim.

The solution heat treating brand of choice, ACI equipment is engineered in Canada and has been installed around the world, and now benefits from the worldwide service centres of Howden.


Howden is a leading North American designer and manufacturer of heat processing equipment for the metals industry, we produce various products as part of our Canefco and product brands.

Since 1952 the ACI-CANEFCO name has been associated with the most innovative custom built furnace equipment for, amongst others, the aluminum, steel, mining industries. In 2018, ACI-CANEFCO was acquired by Howden.

While based in Toronto, Canada, our Canefco range of heat processing equipment, services and spare parts is available to customers in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.


Tundish Heaters

Tundish Pre-Heaters amd Dryers

Supplying the Steel industry with a variety of Tundish Heating Equipment

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Mine Air Heaters

Mine Air Heaters

Canefco Mine Heaters are a complete mine air heating and ventilation solution with airflow capacities ranging from 20,000 to 2,500,000 SCFM.

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Ladle heater

Ladle Pre-Heaters and Dryers

Horizontal firing, Vertical firing or Portable Ladle Heaters and Dryers

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Process Air Heater

Process Air Heaters

Howden designs and manufactures Industrial Process Air Heaters (part of our ACI range) for various process applications.

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Ladle heater

ACI Furnaces

Furnaces for a large range of industries including steel and automotive.

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Recuperative Burner

Recuperative Burner Systems

ACI recuperative burners range includes indirect and self-recupertive.

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