Thermal Heat Recovery

Heat Recovery Mine Air Heating

Fuel costs can significantly contribute to the OPEX of running a mine. The Howden technical team works closely with mines to identify and evaluate energy savings opportunities through heat recovery.

Howden can design and supply a multitude of heat recovery options that are best suited for every application. Recommended heat recovery systems are based on the quality of heat available, distances between the heat sources, and the heated fresh air. Potential heat sources for recovery can include mine exhaust air, central boilers, power generators, compressors, and even geothermal.

Howden thermal heat recovery options typically include all infrastructure required from the heat transfer point to the fresh airstream. This equipment can consist of stand-alone heat transfer coils, liquid pumping stations, control and automation systems. Additionally, this equipment can be combined with other heating methods, such as direct or indirect fuel-fired mine air heating systems.

Howden's most remarkable strides in global sustainability let that products like Heat Recovery mine air heaters enable the minimization of carbon emissions and, therefore, environmental impact.



Main benefits

  • Combined heat recovery system resulting in operational flexibility and reduced emissions
  • Ease of maintenance and serviceability
  • Energy savings
  • Customizable

Notable installation

Installation of a 725,000 SCFM, indirect-fired, diesel heating system in conjunction with glycol heat recovery modules located in remote Nunavut, Canada.


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