Howden SIMPLEX Heaters: part of our mine heating solutions

With over 100 years of experience, the Howden engineering team has developed a compact, yet powerful heating solution that can be manufactured quickly, easily transported and installed for new or retrofit applications to meet our customers’ changing needs.


Compact and Efficient

Our design is compact yet powerful enough to provide up to 300,000 cfm of heated air that can prevent shaft and ramp freeze up amid harsh and cold conditions.

These medium duty, cost effective heaters are the perfect solution for industrial projects where simplicity, flexibility and portability are key factors.


The flexibility of our design allows us to meet a wide range of requirements while maintaining optimal lead times that help our customers continue operating and stay on schedule.

The flexibility and portability of Howden’s SIMPLEX Heaters allow our customers to easily reconfigure, relocate and even retrofit their existing mine heating and ventilation equipment to meet their changing needs.


Howden’s compact heaters are a pre-engineered product that can be customized with standard options to meet most customer needs.

In addition, the heaters can grow with the mine by being combined together with additional units over time as mine ventilation and heating requirements change.

Simplex Heaters

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