Ladle Pre-Heaters & Dryers

Horizontal firing, Vertical firing or Portable Ladle Heaters and Dryers

Burner control systems can be designed for standard fixed set point temperature control or with programmable Ramp / Soak heating or drying cycles to match Refractory dryout profile requirements.

Horizontal Ladle heaters are supplied as packaged systems complete with hydraulically driven mounting cars, burners, valve train, combustion blower and control panel. Optional exhaust ducts can be supplied as required.

ACI ladle heaters are completely packaged with burners and controls and offer the convenience of pre-wired and pre-piped assembly. All equipment is designed and built to IRI / NFPA standards.

A specialised application offered by the Howden ACI range is the addition of a fume collection and incinerator system on our Vertical Ladle Dryer units used for applications involving 'Dolomite' brick refractories. This enables odour free operation of a procedure that is otherwise a high pollution activity.

Vertical Ladle Dryers / Pre-heaters can be fitted with optional exhaust ducts if required

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