Garden City - Propeller Plug (PF2)

The fixed pitch, 6 bladed plug fans are designed to excel in high temperature applications.

This axial fan is able to cope with temperatures well above that which other fans can tolerate. The Garden City PF2 (Propeller Plug) fan has been designed to ensure optimum circulation of hot air, one of the ways in which this is achieved is by inserting the fan directly into the ducting/system, the PF2 is supplied without a complete tube housing in order to facilitate that.

Propeller plug units feature six-bladed impellers, which can handle large volumes of gases at relatively low static pressures. These fans help eliminate costly ductwork in oven applications and are restricted to clean air applications.

PF2 Garden City Fan

Standard Features

  • ​Fixed pitch wheels ensuring maximum life at high temperatures.
  • Standard Duty shaft for temperatures up to 300°F, with an option for air or water cooled shafts to operate in higher temperatures.
  • ​Heavy duty bearings.

Technical Data

  • Maximum volume (CFM): 182,000.
  • Maximum static pressure: 4" WG.
  • Maximum temperature °F: 2,000.
  • Wheel diameters: 24" to 72".
  • Plug units: Yes.


  • ​​​Air recirculation.
  • Homogenizing.
  • Preheating.

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