Garden City - Backward Inclined (BF)

The Backward Inclined Garden City fan has backward inclined flat blades designed for a broad range of high temperature applications.

Garden City's BF fans with backward inclined flat blades are designed for a broad range of industrial applications and service conditions. The design provides economic air moving equipment, holding first cost to a minimum while providing maximum efficiency.

The self-limiting power characteristic of the BF makes the fan highly suitable for systems with fluctuating system resistance. It has a constantly rising pressure curve; it is a non-overloading design, and provides smooth, stable performance throughout it's usable range. The BF is a popular design for rugged, efficient service in a wide variety of industrial applications.

The BF fan is designed to provide trouble-free operation with maximum service life. First cost is held to a minimum by virtue of the broad range of construction available. The designs offered provide equipment to meet exact job requirements - eliminating the need to purchase a fan designed for service beyond the application requirements.

This Garden City RF2 fan series offers the rugged construction necessary to achieve reliable service under the most adverse industrial processes. The design and materials selection are the result of 130 years experience in the air moving field.

  • Standard Duty: Class I, II, III (Max. temp 300°F).
  • Thermal-Aire: Design 700, Heavy, and Extra Heavy (Max. temp 700°F.
  • Thermal-Aire: Design 900 (Max. temp 900°F).
  • Thermal-Aire: Design 1000 (Max. temp 1000°F).
BF Garden City Fan


  • ​Non overloading performance.
  • Insulated / un-insulated housings or plug fan configuration.
  • ​Air cooled and water cooled shafts.
  • Construction options include steel, stainless steel.

Technical Data

  • Maximum volume (CFM): 182,000.
  • Maximum temperature °F: 1,000.
  • Wheel diameters: 12"to 73".
  • Plug units: Yes.


  • ​​​Recirculation.
  • Exhausting.
  • Drying/curing.
  • Incinerators.
  • Paint finishing/coil coaters

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