High temperature fans and blowers

Garden CityTM fans and blowers: Precise air management for the world's toughest applications

​Howden's Garden City range of high temperature fans and high temperature blowers have been refined over a period of 130 years, and are established as the standard by which other fans are measured. The Garden City products are engineered for the world’s most extreme heat, corrosive, and demanding operating environments. The diverse range of fans and blowers are designed to excel in extreme temperatures up to 2000°F.

We have a large selection of high temperature Garden City fans and can, in most cases, match a customers requirements from our existing product base. On the occasions where an existing product is not suitable, we have a team of skilled engineers who will custom design a fan to meet the exact required specifications.

Howden Garden City fans were originally designed and maufactured by Garden City Fans (GCF), a company that was formed in 1879. Garden City Fans became part of the Fläkt Woods Group, and then was purchased by Howden in 2013.

Garden City Fan


  • OSHA approved shaft, coupling, and belt drives
  • Damper and inlet control vanes
  • Inspection doors
  • Drains
  • Special seals
  • Actuators
  • Temperature sensors
  • Vibration sensors
  • Bearing lubrication systems

Custom Features

  • ​Insulated or uninsulated housing
  • ​Scroll or diffuser type housing
  • ​Air or water cooled shaft
  • ​Plug units or scroll housing
  • ​Gastight and limited leakage designs
  • Customised diffuser housing designs
  • Complete fan package - fan, motor, and v-belt drive
  • Direct drive


- 0.5 – 200,000 CFM+.

- 0.0 – 60" SPi.

  • AMCA Accredited Airflow.
  • Acoustical / Sound Measurements.
  • Vibration / Balance.
  • R & D Prototype Testing.
  • Stress / Strain.
  • Full Range Electrical Monitoring and Consumption.

High Temperature Applications

  • Secondary Metals.
  • Graphite Electrodes.
  • Glass/Ceramics.
  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Petrochemical.
  • Process Gas Handling.

Heavy Industrial and Utility

  • ​Cement Production.
  • Mine Ventilation.
  • Materials Heating & Drying.
  • Electric & Steam Power.
  • Alternative Fuel Processing.
  • Pulp & Paper.

CCR Platforming* Application

  • Catalyst Regeneration Process.
  • 5yr Continuous Service.
  • 2000°F Design Temp.
  • Performance & Hot Gas Mechanical Run Test.
  • RF2 series built with exotic alloys.

* CCR Platforming is a registered trademark of Universal Oil Products


Why choose Howden Garden City fans and blowers?

Personalised support

In our experience, there is no substitute for direct communication; that’s why we you and your team will have access to our engineers.

Proven performance

Garden City fans and blowers are the industry leader in applications that involve high temperatures, with a track record of satisfied customer for 130 years.

Engineering excellence

Using 3d modelling, finite element analysis, torsional and critical speed analysis, and specialised high temp stress and fatigue analysis, we can ensure our fans excel.

Unmatched commitment

Our experienced engineers are available 24/7 for you to contact and we pride ourselves on our ability to repair and maintain any fan

Our manufacturing

Our fans are built to last by using exotic alloys for castings and fabricated components that are specifically designed to work in harsh high temperature environments.

Precise fabrication

Our partner selection process and high standards for our fabricators means that we can promise you a quality product.

Garden City fans brochure

Read about our range of high temperature fans.



Product Range

Radial blade fans (RF2)

Versatile centrifugal fans that can cope with temperatures up to 2000°F.

Processes: Air or gas recirculation, Incinerators, Glass furnaces, Exhausting, CCR

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Backward inclined fans (BF)

Highly suited for systems with fluctuating resistance, they are a popular choice for rugged, efficient service in a variety of industrial applications.

Processes: Recirculation, Exhausting, Drying/curing, Incinerators, Paint finishing/coil coaters 

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Forward curved fans (FF2)

A small package for high volume, high temperature applications. They are restricted to low dust environments and operate with less noise, they are particularly suited to high temperature uses.

Processes: Air recirculation, Homogenizing, Preheating, Annealing, Float furnaces

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Propeller Plug fans (PF2)

Featuring six-bladed impellers, these fans help eliminate costly ductwork in oven applications.

Processes: Air recirculation, Homogenizing, Preheating

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