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Pre-configured fans (Centrifugal)
Specializes in centrifugal fans for a variety of industrial and high spec HVAC applications. The fans blade options including airfoil, backward curved, backward inclined, radial and forward curved to offer an optimum solution for a given application.

Engineered fans (Centrifugal)
Covent SD-99 range, e-Technopal range, Howden core range
Specializes in heavy duty centrifugal fans for a variety of high spec PCOG and industrial applications. The PCOG fans are API 673 and API 560 compliant. The fans are custom built to ensure maximum efficiency as well as compliance with complex applications and specifications.

Turbo fans (Centrifugal)
ExVel® turbo fans
Howden's ExVel turbo fans are a unique centrifugal fan technology providing compression ratios of 2:1 in a single stage, and 2 or more times that in multi-stage configurations. ExVel turbo fans are robust yet economical alternatives to high-cost centrifugal compressors or when more than one traditional centrifugal fan or blower would be required.

High temperature fans (Centrifugal/axial)
Garden City fan range - centrifugal fan series RB, RF, BF, FF, AF, BC, BI, HSR, RT and axial fan series PF2
Specializes in high temperature centrifugal and axial fans that can work for applications up to 2000 °F including CCR in PCOG. These fans use exotic high temperature alloys like special grades of stainless steel, hastelloy and inconel.

Tunnel fans (Axial)
UMAF range ANU, ANR; Jet fan range APA, APR; JM, JMG
Specializes in large ventilation fans and jet fans for the tunnel and metro market. As a critical part of the fire life safety system, these fans are designed around stringent specifications including NFPA and can handle temperatures of 482 °F for 2.5 hrs or 752 °F for 2 hrs.

Cooling fans(Axial)
E - series: ENF, ELF ELFA; D - series: DNF,DLF, DVF, DNM, DLM, DVM; S - series: SX, SXT; Fixed pitch series: FPX
Offers a complete range of low pressure high volume flow axial flow cooling fans varying in diameter from 3 ft to 40 ft for application in air cooled condensers [ACC], air cooled heat exchangers [ACHE], cooling towers [CT], radiators [rad] and a variety of hybrid coolers [hybr].

Mine ventilation fans (Axial)
Alphair range AMF and VAX
Specializes in large main ventilation fans as well as auxiliary and booster fans for the mine market. These fans are designed to work in harsh environments while providing steady air flow at defined temperatures to ventilate mines.

Pre-configured fans (Axial)
Varofoil, JM, JMG, JML, JMTS, EJ, CJ and MXP
Specializes in axial fans for a variety of industrial and high spec HVAC applications. The fans are available in a variety of standard sizes to offer an optimum solution for a given application. The fans can be designed to operate at 500 °F for 4 hours for specific HVAC applications.

Canefco heat process equipment: homogenizing furnaces, ovens, coolers, material handling (conveying, load building and stacking) equipment, melting and holding furnaces (stationary and tilting), scrap charging machines, solution heat treatment lines for wheels
Specializes in industrial process heating equipment suited for a multitude of applications ranging from bakeries to steel production, slow temperature to high temperature as well as specialized material handling equipment. In addition, customized cooling systems specific to the aluminum sector.

ACI process heating equipment: process air heaters (high and low temperature), ovens, dryers, ladle and tundish preheaters and dryers, custom process valve trains and control systems
This forms a core component of Howden's Total Mine Ventilation Solutions (TMVS), specializing in turn-key mine ventilation systems that are inclusive of mine air heaters, thermal heat recovery systems, mine cooling systems, e-houses, fuel storage and distribution systems, turn-key installations. Standard and customized configurations for all technical and commercial needs.

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