The SL Series

The SL series is a range of single-stage centrifugal turbo compressors with a semi-open impeller (3D design) mounted between the bearings. The SL series is designed to meet the most demanding duties in coke oven gas applications, especially to handle rotor unbalances caused by the sticky cokery gases. Its design features, such as the gas inlet and outlet facing downwards, the self-cleaning, semi-open impeller and the rotor turn drive, enable this compressor to handle the built-up of tar from the coke oven gas. Consequently, the SL series serves the most demanding duties in cokeries all over the world and provides top class safety and reliability at low lifecycle costs to their owners.

Gas flows up to 250,000 m³/h can be handled.

Formerly known as

STC-SO (SL or SLO) or STC-SO (L or LO) - under Siemens
SL or SLO - under Kühnle, Kopp & Kausch



  • Coke gas service

Key Features

  • Impeller mounted between bearings
  • Minimal radial loading
  • Modular design principle
  • Standardized components
  • Wide range of proven aerodynamic impeller designs
  • Flow control via variable inlet guide vanes or speed control
  • Maintenance friendly design
  • OEM packages with Howden steam turbine available
  • Dual drive option available (Electric motor + Howden steam turbine)
  • Suitable for installation in hazardous area


Technical Data

  • Flow rates from 15,000 up to 250,000 m³/h
  • Pressure ratio up to 1.45 (coke gas service)
  • Impeller diameter up to 1,800 mm
  • Driver of your choice

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