SF 22 - main blowers for sulphuric acid plants

Howden has developed the next generation of main blowers for Ultra Large Sulphuric Acid Plants, the SF 22​

Based on the tendency to larger acid plants, Howden has developed the missing blower frame-size on basis of the field proven SF 18 series. Howden has maintained the superior efficiency level in combination with rugged design.

This frame size closes the gap in single blower arrangement for acid plants with a production from 4000 MTPD up to 6000 MTPD.

As the plants have become larger over the years, the related blower design data (flow rate and power) have been continuously surpassing levels; an example being the drive power already exceeding 9 MW.

Even with this in mind, the key design features of the new frame-size are remarkably impressive (see below).

The 25% larger dimensions become visible in a direct comparison with the previous largest blower series, SF 18. The new scroll housing itself measures about 236 inches x 236 inches).

Turbo blower - SF22 diagram series


  • Nominal diameter: 88 inches
  • Inlet diameter: 78 inches
  • Drive power: 8000-14000 kW (approximately 10000 HP – 19000 HP)
Turbo blower - SF22 series
  • 4000 - 6000 MTPD
  • Design flow rate:330.000 – 490.000 Nm³/h
  • Impeller diameter:2240 mm
  • Flange connections:2000 mm
  • * Design features are based on field proven SFO 18 series

The SF 22​ from Howden

Turbo blower - SF22 series


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