Oil Free Screw Compressor Packages

Bespoke designed, complete packaged systems

Our range of oil free screw compressors are supplied as bespoke designed, complete packaged systems for process critical applications throughout the world.

​There are many situations where oil free technology presents the best approach. Oil free screw compressors are available in different configurations and materials providing the most compact arrangement, to allow the handling of gases with high levels of liquid, dirt and particulates.

There configurations are eminently suitable for use with hazardous or corrosive gases, or where contamination is an issue.



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Designed to operate for a minimum of 5 years with uninterrupted service

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Equipped to handle varying molecular weights and unpredictable gases

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Not susceptible to erosion from free liquids or particulates

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Suitable to handle polymer forming gases


Product Range

The oil free compressor range is able to provide gas compression to up to discharge pressures of 45 bar (653 psi) and 15 bar (217 psi) differential pressure. Available in 10 models the range covers flows up to 92,000 m3/h (54,150 cfm).

Oil free screw compressor selection

Howden packaged solutions for the industrial market

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Key Benefits of the Oil Free Range


Long-term reliable and efficient performance

  • Surge free, low vibration operation
  • Low friction, high speed operation, volumetric delivery and efficiency
  • Optimised rotor design to achieve flow volume with lowest power
  • Temperatures up to 250oC minimising stages

Flexible to application duties

  • 9 frames sizes and 2 lengths
  • Horizontal casings for high capacity and easier access for maintenance
  • Vertical casings for high pressure and where space is at a premium
  • Casing, bearing and seal options to suit technical and cost requirements

Control by design to match process requirements

  • Volume ratios set for process
  • Temperature control via liquid injection for stability, less fouling and prevention of polymerization
  • Bottom discharge allowing better drainage of liquid

Full package solution engineered to project specification

  • Complete solution designed and engineered bespoke to project
  • API 619 compliant with minimal deviations
  • Wider scope of supply as required

Optimised operation enhanced by Howden Uptime

  • Condition monitoring of bearing temperatures, radial vibration and axial position
  • Howden Uptime installed for performance optimisation via applying machine learning

Uptime is the world leading Rotating Equipment digital solution -  Uptime Performance Monitoring

Learn about our SECRET Project

Howden and City, University of London’s Centre for Compressor Technology are currently working on a 5-year collaborative project - Smart Efficient Compression, Reliability and Energy Targets (SECRET).

Explore our SECRET Project


Oil Free package

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Why choose Howden oil free screw compressor packages?

Proven engineering excellence

Compressors designed to achieve maximum efficiency and long reliable operation based on 80 years of experience in screw technology.

Quality manufacture

Modern equipment and strict quality controls accredited to international standards. Fully tested for confidence in the performance quality of each unit.

Convenient inspection

Testing in either our UK or USA facilities, to suit customers. Remote monitoring of tests available from our UK facility utilising our Uptime monitoring tool.

Project support

Experts in multiple regions to swiftly determine the best compressor selection providing options for wider project design decisions to be made.

Global service coverage

Over 50 sites globally backed up by direct access to product experts for quick resolution of issues, maximising production time and associated revenues.

If you would like to submit an enquiry please get in touch.