Hybrid Compressor

A multi-stage development of the diaphragm compressor.

The Howden "H" series is available in horizontal or vertical configurations of up to five compression stages, offering pressures increases of to 450 bar while providing inter-stage cooling and purging of condensates. These units are suitable for virtually all dry gases including helium, hydrogen and nitrogen.


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Key Features

  • Water cooled heads
  • HIDS Head Integrated Detection System on each compression head
  • Purged packing design option (optional)
  • 3 or 4 compression stage designs (optional)
  • Vertical and horizontal constructions


  • ​Reciprocating technology facilitates accessible maintenance for site operators.
  • Conservative rotation speed reduces fatigue.
  • Compact skid mounted designed to project & site specifications for an easy integration to process.
  • Purged packing design option is available to collect leakage from piston compression stages.
  • Dry compression ensures clean gas and machines are low rotation speed.


  • ​​He high pressure compression solutions and all dry gases N2, H2 process.
  • He gas compression for bottling and Aerospace.
  • Dry gases compression for bottling.
  • Dry HC, H2, N2 high pressure for process feeding, blanketing and gas network.

Why choose Howden hybrid compressors?

Innovative solutions

As the inventors of the technology, we have been at the leading edge of diaphragm compressor innovation for almost a century, constantly improving safety and performance.

HIDS system

Our unique HIDS system provides real-time monitoring of head integrity and provides a fail-safe stop procedure and containment of process gas in the event of a breach, thus providing absolute safety in operation.

Product support

We believe in our products, and in their capacity to provide long term, high value service. We are committed to maintaining and where possible enhancing their performance and extending their working life. Our first commitment, however, is to the customers who have placed their trust in Howden compressors. All of our aftersales services are designed to offer them confidence, security, and peace of mind.


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