Compact, Modular, Plug & Play, MVR Vapor Compressors

Building on more than 45 years of application experience with our unique ExVelTM turbo fans, Howden is pleased to offer the innovative, eMVR turbo fan. The simplicity of design, fit, form, function, and many options make the eMVR the EASY MVR solution for your vapor compression applications less than 10 tons of vapor.

The robust fan casing with an integral motor allows the user to install the eMVR directly to their vapor body, eliminating the need for costly and space consuming ducting and support structures. The unique ExVel impeller is the workhorse of the machine and is mounted directly to the motor shaft. A multi-stage carbon ring seal with purge and condensate drain provisions will ensure process steam remains isolated from atmosphere. The rotor bearing seals are separate and independent from the fan casing seal with ventilation between the two to ensure oil-free operation for the process steam, and isolation of process from the machine bearings.

A number of optional features such as but not limited to machine condition monitoring packages, seal purge conditioning packages, installation base, and more can offer the designer and user design flexibility, added functionality, and maintenance friendly operation.


Benefits & Advantages of Howden’s ExVel eMVR

Compact, Modular Design

  • Integral fan & motor
  • low weight, machine design
  • 4 modular sizes
  • interchangeable impellers & casings

Bolt-On, Space Saving, Simple Design

  • Fully assembled, bolt in place.
  • Mount direct to the MVR vapor body
  • Horizontal and Vertical installation options.

High Efficiency and Good Turndown

  • Efficiencies up to 80%
  • Variable speed, high efficiency turndown
  • Controllability to less than 50% flow in most cases

Standard Parts & Low Maintenance

  • No alignments required
  • Stock, standard replacement parts & core units

Gas-Tight Construction

Non-pulsating Flow

Oil Free Operation

Short lead time

Standard Features & Options

Impeller:  Cast Titanium

Casing:  Cast 316 SS

Motor:  Howden integral motor, cast AL frame

Bearings:  grease or forced oil lubrication

VFD:  IP21 enclosure for indoor installation

Max. Op. Pressure:  2.0 bar-a


  • Steel Mounting Base
  • Bearing RTDs & Vibration sensors
  • Casing RTD
  • Instrument Junction Box
  • Impeller Cleaning Spray Nozzle
  • Seal Purge Gas Conditioning System
  • Expansion Joints at Inlet & Outlet
  • Cooling Water Hose Set


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