RootsTM factory standard packages

Howden offers several range of factory standard units each with a specific set of benefits to the customer.

RootsTM EasyAir Rotary factory blower package system includes innovative design features that reduce noise and maintenance costs while delivering reliable performance. It can be configured to meet unique requirements and is suitable for pressure or vacuum applications.

The Roots EasyAir Rotary system is a cost-effective factory designed blower package available for various applications, especially wastewater and water treatment needs, pneumatic conveying and bulk handling needs, and Process air needs.

EasyAir Rotary

Why choose Howden's Roots® factory standard packages

Easy to install, with small footprint

Electrical access through the floor or rear panel gives you added flexibility

Automatic belt-tensioning system is counterbalanced, optimizing the life of the V-belts


No special jacks are required to lift the motor when replacing belts (saving time and effort)

Side-by-side installation allows for more efficient use of your available space

Keyed locking panels allow easy filter maintenance and safe access to equipment


Find out more about our EasyAir factory standard packages.


Read about them in our compressors division brochure.


Spare Parts

Lifetime Support

Every product we deliver is backed by an unequivocal lifetime commitment to spare parts and product support. Replacement parts are made using the original production drawings, so that compatibility and quality are guaranteed. We also offer a full upgrade and enhancement program that allows customers to take advantage of new developments or adapt existing equipment to changed conditions.

Service and Maintenance

Worldwide service centres

Howden owns and operates strategically located blower maintenance and repair facilities in the following areas: Connersville, Indiana, Houston, Texas, Mexico City, Mexico, Dubai, UAE, Shanghai, China. Additionally we have additional authorized service capability via an extensive network of distributors and agents.

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