EasyAirTM Rotary

Howden’s new Roots™ EasyAir™ Rotary factory blower package includes innovative design features that reduce noise and maintenance costs while delivering reliable performance. It can be configured to meet unique requirements and is suitable for pressure or vacuum applications.

The EasyAir Rotary system is a cost-effective factory designed blower package available for a variety of industries and applications, especially wastewater treatment, pneumatic conveying and air needs.

The package provides easy access to v-belts, filters, oil fill and oil drain points. It has been designed with an acoustical enclosure to minimise noise and allow side by side installation, offering a more efficient use of available space.



Why choose Howden's Roots EasyAir Rotary package?

Easy to install, with small footprint

Side-by-side installation allows for more efficient use of your available space

Integrated controls and variable speed drive capability


Easy maintenance and access with fully removable enclosure panels

Extensive service capability and expertise available across the globe



EasyAir Rotary

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