Multistage Fabricated Centrifugal Blowers

Multiple Applications with Maximum Benefits

The precise and energy-efficient movement of air and gases is a requirement of a wide variety of applications, including functions related to industrial, institutional, commercial and municipal services. As such, multistage fabricated centrifugal blowers are crucial pieces of equipment that organizations count on to perform well from the moment they’re installed.

When you choose Howden over other multistage fabricated centrifugal blower manufacturers, you get our superior level of engineering and experience.

Following one of our three basic designs — SOH for standard performance, 4BOH for higher performance and 4BOB for the highest performance — our blowers can handle applications ranging from gas compression for the petrochemical industry to round-the-clock aeration for municipal water treatment systems. Also, our blowers help commercial enterprises to hospitals—and more—run their central vacuum cleaning and air-quality control systems with confidence.

What is most reassuring is that along with our trusted multistage blowers, we supply you with outstanding customer service. Our representatives are trained to listen to your needs and make recommendations that are always in your best interest.


Overview: Standard Designs of Multistage Fabricated Blowers

We design and manufacture our blowers to operate efficiently, quietly and, above all, reliably. Our multistage fabricated blowers come in many different models and styles to meet the needs of almost any industrial, commercial or institutional application. Overall, our blowers follow one of three basic design categories:

Standard Overhung (SOH)

Multistage fabricated centrifugal blowers are manufactured with their impellers mounted on an extended motor shaft.

Four-Bearing Overhung (4BOH)

Multistage fabricated centrifugal blowers are manufactured with their impellers mounted on a shaft that’s coupled to the motor shaft.

Four-Bearing Outboard (4BOB)

Multistage fabricated centrifugal blowers are manufactured with their impellers mounted on a shaft that’s supported at both ends by self-aligning ball bearings, coupled to the motor shaft.

Note that SOH and 4BOH models are highly recognizable for the trademarked profile of their housings, which are shaped like a “sugar scoop.” These blowers are among our oldest and most popular products. For our customers, these machines’ sugar scoop profiles are a visual reminder that more than a century of quality control and design experience goes into every Spencer blower we manufacture.

Construction and Design

We manufacture our multistage centrifugal blowers using heavy gauge cold-rolled sheet steel that’s rated with a tensile strength of 50,000 psi. Once welded and reinforced, it creates an extremely rugged construction. For even greater strength, we build all inlets, outlets, and housings to be as integrally robust as possible for the sake of the overall structure.

With our expert in-house fabrication construction methods, we can easily substitute other metals to counter environmental factors, such as extreme temperatures, caustic chemicals or other corrosive conditions. We regularly use aluminum, Hastelloy®, Cor-Ten® steel, Monel, various stainless steels, and many other materials to provide specialized strengths and abilities.

Our rotating impeller assemblies within the blower housings have ample clearance of 1/8″ or more — allowing for uncomplicated, low-maintenance operation. Plus, all of our rotor assemblies are dynamically balanced to ensure a mechanical operation that’s below 1.5 mils total amplitude on the bearing housing at design speed.

With housing diameters ranging from 14″ to 88″, our blowers can handle volumes to 25,000 ICFM, pressures to 20 PSIG and vacuums to 15″ Hg.


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