EasyAirTM Turbo

EasyAir Turbo: single stage plug and play blower for the waste water treatment industry.

The EasyAir™ Turbo has been designed as a fully integrated compact plug and play Turbo Blower, designed with high efficiency and low maintenance built in as standard.

It combines leading aerodynamic technology, magnetic bearings and permanent magnetic motor technology to deliver a reliable, compact, highly efficient, single stage blower for the waste water treatment industry.

The high efficiency and wide volumetric turn down capability is achieved through a combination of Variable Vane Diffuser and Variable Speed Drive technology. Read more below



Key Features

  • Direct driven
  • Non wear magnetic bearings
  • 100% oil free
  • Masterless controls


  • Dual point control
  • High efficiency
  • Simple maintenance
  • Plug & play concept
  • Wide volumetric turndown


  • Municipal wastewater industry
  • Industrial wastewater
  • General industrial applications
  • Process air


  • 100% Oil free
  • High Rise to Surge giving high operational stability
  • Dual Point Control leading to highly efficient operation
  • High turndown range
  • Low TOTEX (Total Expenditure – Long term Operation and Capital costs)
  • Multi blower operation available
  • Ethernet connection to plant DCS available
  • Small foot print

Features explained

EasyAir Maintenance

The EasyAir Turbo uses state-of-the-art Magnetic Bearing Technology eliminating the need for lubrication oils – resulting in ease of maintenance.

EasyAir Installation

Simply place the enclosure in it's final location, connect the power supply, discharge pipework and you are ready to go.

Aluminium Impeller

Fully machined from solid high grade aluminium forging, by multi axis digital machining centre.

Backward Curve Profile with High Rise to Surge.

Integrated Package Solution

All components are fully integrated into a standardised enclosure creating a truly plug-and-play system, resulting in reduced package footprint and installation time.

Multiple blowers can be connected via the Modbus TCP (Ethernet) connection to achieve high plant efficiency.

Main Drive Motor

High efficiency permanent magnet motor with active magnetic bearings providing friction and lubrication free operation.


Fully integrated compact plug and play blower

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Why choose the EasyAir Turbo?

Engineering excellence

Our engineering design focuses on product integrity, long operational life and maximum efficiency.

Maximising operating efficiency

Howden control systems maximise operating efficiency and provide infinitely variable capacities over a wide duty range.

Global coverage

Our regional sales and service centres located around the world ensure our customers have a local Howden specialist to respond to specific customer needs.

Modern manufacturing

Our state of the art production facilities and strict quality controls guaranties a highest degree of reliability and quality.

Reputation for quality

We are accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and are regularly audited by major customers and internationally recognised assessment organisation.

Manufacturing excellence

We are committed to manufacturing the highest quality blowers and compressors in the industry.

Variable Vane Diffuser

The Variable Vane Diffusers are located downstream of the impeller in the blower casing. The vanes optimise the machine performance envelope to keep efficiency at an maximum value for a wide range of ambient and operating conditions. By adjusting the diffuser vanes, compression ratios can be maintained at reduced flow rates without the risk of surge.

Variable Speed Drive

The Variable Speed Drive combined with the Variable Vane Diffusers, provide the EasyAir Turbo with a greatly increased turndown range whilst maintaining high aerodynamic and electrical efficiency.

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