Is your plant’s outage looming? Need help on how and where to start outage planning?

At Howden, we have years of expertise and experience within our Power Plant Outage Services Team to provide you with support that’s tailored to your needs while working right alongside you.

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The Key To Successful Outage

To have a successful outage you need a clearly defined and highly structured outage management process.

For us, this falls into three key phases:


Following this process step-by-step ensures work is completed safely, on time, and with no unexpected surprises.

Howden engineers at outage

The expected outcome:

A safe outage execution
An issue-free operation of the plant during the next cycle
A well-optimised outage in terms of schedule and budget with minimum impact on staff and the environment

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Maximise your return on investments
Using our tailored Outage Solutions that bring together a wide range of technical expertise we reduce complexity, identify optimized scope solutions, and deliver within the tightest of timescales.

Improve financial return
With careful planning and risk management, we can avoid lost revenue by reducing the risk of future plant failure, maximising component life, and restoring and improving plant performance.

Improve future maintenance strategies
Gain in-depth insights into the condition of your assets and where your focus needs to be for upcoming maintenance and repairs.

I'm very happy with Howden and the way they operate on-site, for this outage and previous outages. A pleasant and professional company to work with.

Kris Tierney, Health and Safety Manager, Millmerran Power Station

Read our Case Study:
Millmerran Summer Outage


Howden conduct a mini shutdown to scope up work for Millmerran’s major outage next year while fixing any emergent issues.


Millmerran case study image

Outage Planning

Working with your team we define the outage scope including:

  • Labour requirements
  • Specific assets to be overhauled
  • Scheduling sequence
  • Materials, tools, and equipment required
  • Information, specifications, safety precautions, and permit requirements
  • Safety hazards and obstacles identified and addressed

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Outage Execution

Working onsite with your team we:

Inspect and maintain
Checking the condition of assets and identifying any components that need to be monitored, repaired, or replaced.

Manage your assets
We make the most of your current resources to extract as much generating life as possible.

Replenish your stock
Provide any gaps you don’t have in stock from our impressive inventory.

Provide quality assurance
Make sure the new components and their installation are of the highest quality.

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Outage Evaluation

We evaluate the success of the outage by asking these questions:

  • Was it low risk?
  • Was there any deviation from licensing conditions?
  • Was there a minimum impact on personnel and the environment?
  • Were there any significant unscheduled events?
  • Was the scope of work well optimised?
  • Was the schedule adhered to?
  • Was there good quality of work?
  • Was there efficient use of human, financial, and material resources?
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Learning From Your Outage

Learning from your outage, and the many others we perform, ensures a continuous refinement of our outage process. Progressively reducing costs and maintaining the smooth, efficient, and safe operation of your plant - without any unexpected surprises in the next production cycle.


We build relationships for the long term. We understand that our products and services need to take into account your needs - not just of the moment, but for the life span of each and every project. As such we focus on customers’ requirements with a special emphasis on the future.

Learning from your outage

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