Howden Care

Howden Care: Reducing your risk

Howden Care is a methodically structured, comprehensive package of customer services created to provide plant operators with security, economy and reliability. We have packaged our most frequently required services into a highly economic and flexible structure under the title Howden Care. We have defined four plans as a guide towards choosing the best option, or you can tailor your own through our Flexcare package.

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Spare parts only

The most basic level is a parts-only plan, in which we undertake to supply all the required parts for the servicing operation at a discounted price, and we undertake to have them delivered to your site before scheduled servicing takes place. While the work will be carried out by your own personnel, we can make sure that they have the parts they need to complete the tasks, and so prevent troublesome delays from extending your downtime.

Parts and major Services

The second service level, Parts and Major Services, builds on the supply of parts by bringing Howden factory trained service engineers on-site to carry out or supervise all the maintenance work and ensure that it follows recommended procedures. The benefits of experience include not only making sure that the work is done according to the appropriate protocols but also that no areas of the inspection process are omitted. It also allows subtle indicators that might provide early warning of future issues to be picked up. While on-site, our service engineers can also check the spares inventory and make any appropriate recommendations.

Full parts and services

The third service level, Full Parts and Services guarantees a full on-site Howden maintenance service carried out by, or supervised by, factory trained service engineers in strict accordance with best practice protocols. It includes genuine Howden spare parts, delivered on-site in advance, and supplied at a discounted price. On the completion of the work, a comprehensive report is always issued, detailing the work that was done and making appropriate recommendations based on an assessment of the condition of the equipment.

Performance maintenance

The highest level of support, the Performance Maintenance Plan, introduces predictive maintenance as an integral part of the package and all of the features of Level 3, and reliability and technical support services. Options include round-the-clock real time supervision, HIVE and an extended warranty can be arranged. The Performance Maintenance Plan is essentially a guarantee of performance that entirely shifts the responsibility of ensuring continued efficiency on to our shoulders. It is the gold standard of aftermarket services.


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Howden Flexcare

Through our FlexCare plan each customer can create any combination of features to meet their needs. We are readily available to visit your plant at any time and draft a specific plan that goes in line with your plant's requirements. Howden provides technical expertise to support you.

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