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An aftercare service to maximise performance and longevity

We provide a multi-platform aftercare service built on three key requirements for maximising performance and longevity. Our maintenance philosophy is that a combination of quality spare parts, ongoing maintenance by skilled engineers, and periodic improvements and upgrades will keep your equipment in the best condition. Trust Howden to deliver on all three.

The commissioning of one of our systems is the culmination of many months of design, testing, manufacturing and installation. Partnering with Howden is the key to continuous, efficient plant performance with minimum downtime once it's up and running.


Howden supplies genuine OEM spare parts that are made to the same high performance standards as our products.

The equipment we make is highly engineered, and often operates in tough conditions at the highest levels of demand. Swapping the OEM parts for third party supplied parts is a huge risk which not only threatens to diminish performance but could result in a catastrophic failure out of warranty.

Genuine Howden parts always conform to specification requirements, and therefore do not compromise staff safety and process performance. Howden parts maintain the high quality standards your process equipment needs to be reliable.

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Installation & Commissioning

We have unique global experience with the technologies at the heart of various industries. Where we supply equipment, we can carry out all of the installation and associated works as a full turnkey service or as required.

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Performance upgrades & retrofits

Our performance upgrade teams are specialists in extending the life of our equipment. Often called retrofits these projects come about as a result of technology improvements which allow us to upgrade the equipment and improve its performance.

They can always be successfully completed where there is a need for changes in the process conditions or operating parameters and will usually deliver reduced cost of ownership in use.

Our success in constantly meeting, and usually exceeding, the expectations of our customers is firmly founded on communication and flexibility. We talk every job through fully, in advance, to make sure we know exactly what is required. We keep our customers fully informed about the procedures we recommend. We provide comprehensive information about any recent advances that might improve the outcome and reduce operating costs. That is how we deliver the best possible results, every time.

Howden Service Agreements.

With a Howden service agreement, you get optimised maintenance and proactive support to improve the performance of your equipment, resulting in higher reliability and availability and lower operating costs.

Check out our service agreements tailored for specific industries.

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Up to date knowledge is essential to ensure that your equipment will continue to operate reliable.

Knowledge is also required to recognize situations that may affect the efficiency of your operations. Not just for the equipment itself, but also from an overall process efficiency point of view.

Howden has a choice of methodical and proven training packages covering the technology, and the use and maintenance of your equipment. Our training packages can be tailored to your requirements and delivered in the way that suits you best.

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