Howden Service Agreements

Why you should have a Howden Service Agreement?

With a Howden service agreement, you get optimised maintenance and proactive support to improve the performance of your equipment, resulting in higher reliability and availability and lower operating costs. 

Our digitally enabled agreements uncover unsuspected risks, hidden costs and inefficiencies and provide actionable data to improve.

Howden offer a modular approach to service agreements, allowing you to define a package that meets your needs. Ask us to discuss your specific situation to prepare a customised proposal.



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How we have made a difference


Case Study 1

Challenge: To maintain plant reliability and availability at high levels, while reducing maintenance costs by 20% for a fleet of 42 compressor assets.

Solution: We defined categories based on criticality and complexity of equipment and applied different maintenance strategies per category, these were then used to optimise availability and reliability for production requirements. We set-up a dedicated team to ensure consistent maintenance approach with the customer over a period of 5 years along with a dedicated reliability engineer to identify and realise technical improvements. Further work was implemeted to optimise the parts supply chain and stock and to improve performance of maintenance subcontractors through training and supervision.

Case Study 2

Challenge: To mitigate risk of unmonitored assets that became more critical after capacity increase of plant.

Solution: Installed Howden Uptime performance monitoring, which is a wireless, stand-alone system that does not need integration with the DCS. The system sends immediate alerts of deviations to a Howden equipment expert who monitors data remotely and analyzes actual performance compared to the original design parameters using the Howden digital twin. This had an immediate impact by lowering risk and identifing potential to reduce maintenance costs without jeopardising reliability.

Case Study 3

Challenge: Fleet of 120 assets in 10 plants, each holding and ordering parts resulting in thousands of small value orders, high stock levels, high administration costs and high stock shelve life times.

Solution: Supply of maintenance kits for Howden equipment parts, as well as parts of auxiliary equipment of other suppliers, for each maintenance event. The agreement allowed greater visibility and planning from both the customer and Howden which meant that the customer required less stock, less administration and reduced stores personnel.


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As a designer and manufacturer of air and gas handling equipment we can support you in minimising costs of ownership, while at the same time ensuring that your equipment receives expert service for a smooth operation. Since Howden has been in the business for over 165 years, we have extensive experience in maintaining equipment all across the world, and therefore your natural partner to optimise your operations and maintenance.

Howden combines expert knowledge of the design of your mechanical equipment and the latest digital technologies. It is our ambition to use this powerful combination of engineering expertise and state-of-the-art tools to reduce the risk of unplanned downtime as well as to realise savings of maintenance and energy costs.

We offer a modular approach to service agreements, allowing you to define a package that meets your needs. We offer:


Core maintenance services

Extended technical support by Howden experts

Data Driven Advantage by using state-of-the-art digital tools and technology

Why a service agreement?

A service agreement will ensure Howden can attend your plant when needed, ensuring a quick response, and minimising disruption to your operations. We will agree prices, rates, and terms and conditions upfront, saving you valuable time, and bringing you full clarity.

Maintenance support services

Howden will improve the reliability of your critical equipment, in order to ensure a high availability, while managing the costs.

Technical support services

To minimise time lost when you need quick solutions during unexpected situations, we can offer you 24/7 remote engineering support via state of the art Augmented Reality technology, health checks and site inspections, training as well as access to up-to-date technical documentation using secure digital technology.

Howden Uptime

Howden’s solutions are enhanced with the latest digital technology. Data is captured, analysed, and used to optimise system integration, improve efficiency, and advise the most effective maintenance intervals. Moreover, Howden Uptime will immediately send alerts in the event of performance deviations, thereby preventing failures, issues, and unplanned downtime.

Performance evaluation

We compare the data from the full performance test completed on all equipment before leaving the factory, with the real-time operational data. This provides a unique insight into the process of the equipment and identifies the parameters that can be optimised.

Remote diagnostics

Howden Uptime maximises availability, reliability, and efficiency by delivering deep equipment insights that are continuously monitored by Howden experts. The service package provides access to Howden extended expert support.

Performance maintenance

Being able to understand the performance and health of the equipment and the spare parts will allow you to make informed decisions on extending the maintenance intervals. Howden Uptime will ensure continuous production with the lowest maintenance costs.

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