VMC and Howden continue to grow market share as they reach 1001 compressors sold in South America

Tuesday, 05 July 2022




In May VMC hit an important sales milestone by placing orders for Howden bare shaft screw compressors, taking the total to over 1000 compressor units sold within South America.

VMC and Scottish based firm Howden, established a solid relationship in 2000 and continue to strength this partnership within the region. Howden, a world leader and pioneer of screw compression technology, continue to support their package partner VMC within the region. During the past two decades VMC have grown steadily in the Latin American industrial refrigeration market, and for the last ten years in the oil and gas sector, with an enormous potential in Argentina.

We are delighted to be part of the VMC success story in Argentina. For the past 20 years, Howden and VMC have worked closely in a deep technology and commercial partnership where we have both learned and gained valuable insights into the markets we serve. It has meant we have improved our core compressor and packaging capability and this shared achievement is one to celebrate and be proud of. This sets a strong precedent for future opportunities and we look forward to a future based on a shared strategic vision within the region as we support their continued growth.

Douglas Latta, Screw Compressor Product Director at Howden

Marcelo Modenesi, President at VMC said: “When we bought the first bare shaft screw compressor from Howden in 2000, we knew we were initiating an important stage in our industrial path. We exclusively focussed in the refrigeration sector for food and beverages, with a strong and robust compressor design whici is conceived for the most demanding applications. The reliability of the Howden compressor technology gave us the confidence to expand our growth potential within the oil and gas sector. We worked to obtain the construction certifications, quality standards and trained our people for entering such a challenging market. We invested in new machinery and expanded our industrial warehouse, all of which has paid off after the discovery of Vaca Muerta Formation in Patagonia. This discovery has become the second-largest shale gas and fourth-largest shale oil reserve in the world.

Today, in a phenomenal development, we are providing compressor packages for Vapour Recovery Units (VRU), Dew Point, Wellhead, Low Pressure Booster (LP), among other applications to the most important petroleum companies in the world, who are in operation within the region.

We are a leader in the industrial refrigeration market in Argentina thanks to our almost 70 years of experience, which is combined with Howden’s robust and reliable compressor technology. We are now in a position to build on our oil and gas customised equipment in our country, without the necessity of importing complete units. This makes the interaction between our customer’s technical team and VMC engineers easier – a collaborative and mutually beneficial position that strengths both VMC and Howden. We look forward to future together with more opportunities within the region”.

Both teams celebrate this achievement as the result of an excellent work from the VMC sales force, by selling units into a wide range of applications with the refrigeration, food and beverage and oil and gas markets. The success and the high volume of units sold is underpinned by the robust Howden screw compressor technology combined with the provision of engineering, equipment, service and aftermarket support provided by VMC.

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