VentsimTM DESIGN simulation software helped a hospital decrease the risk of COVID-19 outbreak.

Friday, 26 February 2021




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Analyze hospital ventilation with a graphically-rich 3D simulation showing airflow, velocity, pressure, and more, including costs.

As the current health crisis continues, hospitals must take all measures to limit the virus’s spread. Air movement in hospitals can carry viruses from contaminated rooms through the air conditioning system to hallways and uncontaminated rooms.

Simulation and control of the ventilation system are essential to ensure pressure and airflow through the buildings to maintain a safe environment.

Using VentsimTM DESIGN, the hospital technical staff or Ventilation consultants can accurately simulate airflow, pressure, heat, and contaminants based on ventilation design, including room size, filters, dampers, and fans.

Thanks to our visual and easy-to-use interface, Ventsim DESIGN’s users quickly develop accurate designs, leaving more time for engineers to deliver an efficient and safe design.

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