Avoid CO2 emissions of up to 64,000 tonnes per year with Howden's TESCR Gas Gas Heater

Friday, 12 November 2021




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As COP 26 comes to a close today, we are highlighting our TESCR Gas Gas Heaters which avoid up to 64,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions from natural gas.

The Selective Catalytic reduction system is used to remove Nitric Oxides from the flue gas of various processes within steel plants and power stations.

The Tail End SCR Gas Gas Heater (TESCR GGH) is used to exchange heat within the process to greatly reduce the fuel consumption and operating cost. As a result, this also reduces the CO2 generated.

Environmental benefits

Carbon Dioxide is a major cause of global warming. Nitric Oxide emissions forms Nitric acid in the air, causing acid rain, poor air quality and smog.

Howden’s TESCR Gas Gas Heaters avoid up to 64,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions from natural gas and enable removal of up to 90% of NOx from plant.

Latest News


Howden are pleased to announce that we have recently welcomed three S5 students through the Nuffield Research Placements (NRP) programme to Howden.


Howden signs a long-term service agreement with Millmerran Power Station


Howden supplies turbo compressors to Frankfurt wastewater treatment plant Niederrad


Howden supplies fans to first biomass power plant in Hainan, China


EIC Survive & Thrive: Mixed policy messages on oil and gas undercut exports but innovation rebounds The sixth edition of Survive & Thrive report provides insights on the state of the energy industry based on the finding of 63 interviews with CEOs and senior executives of energy companies from around the world, covering the industry’s supply chain in sectors ranging from oil and gas to power and renewables.


In May, VMC hit an important sales milestone by placing orders for Howden bare shaft screw compressors, taking the total to over 1000 compressor units sold within South America.

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