Howden supplies cooling fans for renewable energy at Redstone Concentrated Solar Project, South Africa

Tuesday, 11 October 2022




Howden has secured a contract to supply cooling fans to Redstone Concentrated Solar Project (CSP) in Postmasburg, South Africa.

Howden was selected to supply 16 sets of 36DNF6 cooling fan packages to Redstone CSP, the largest renewable energy project in South Africa. Customising the diameter of the fans as well as the profiles and arrangement of the blades to the facility’s specifications, Howden’s cooling fans will condensate exhaust vapour from steam turbines.

Howden’s cooling fan technology provides reliable and durable performance regardless of external environmental conditions, critical to Redstone CSP’s mission to produce 480,000 megawatts of renewable energy each year. With Howden’s proven equipment, the plant’s twelve-hour thermal storage system will power 200,000 homes without natural gas or oil backup, saving around 440 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

Our partnership with Redstone CSP is a testament to Howden’s market-leading cooling fans which combine efficiency and low noise operation for the stable generation of solar power. And with our reliable track record, we will ensure the seamless delivery of equipment to implement the project by late 2023.

At Howden, we are heavily investing in innovative technologies to enable the energy transition. We are therefore delighted to support Redstone CSP in realising its ambitious goal to deliver renewable electricity across South Africa without fossil fuel emissions.

Eric Vemer, President of Africa at Howden

Combining Howden’s global expertise with local knowledge and support, we are able to supply Redstone CSP with our cutting-edge cooling fans while offering invaluable guidance to navigate regional opportunities and challenges.

Working with Redstone CSP is incredibly rewarding, not only due to the project’s positive environmental impact but also its strengthening of the cooperation between China and South Africa.

Harold Lang, Group Vice President and China President at Howden

Harnessing over sixty years of technical experience, Howden is at the forefront of cooling fan technology. Serving a diverse range of sectors, Howden’s cooling fans offer the best in long-term performance as well as compact and flexible design solutions. Howden also provides comprehensive aftermarket capabilities to ensure that the performance of its equipment is maximised throughout the life of each operation.

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